Pacific Rim 2 Release Date Confirmed!

Pacific Rim 2 Release Date Confirmed!

June 26, 2014 1 By Steph Mernagh

Will be taking theatres April 7, 2017.

Earlier this month, SuperheroHype announced that Guillermo del Toro had been writing Pacific Rim 2 with Zak Penn. Now, we’ve gotten a release date and a little bit more information on what we can expect from del Toro’s epic battle for mankind against the Kaiju threat. The film will hit theatres in 3D and IMAX 3D on April 7, 2017, and it looks like a lot of the original characters are set to return. In a statement to Buzzfeed, del Toro stated:

[blockquote]”The characters I love will return; Raleigh, Mako, Newt, Gottlieb and who knows, maybe even Hannibal Chau – but we are taking them into a fresh territory that will display amazing sights and battles. The first film set the stage and now we’re ready to have a blast.”[/blockquote]

Following the announcement of the release date of the film, del Toro released a video containing information about the continuation of the prequel graphic novel Pacific Rim: Tales from Year Zero and an animated series. Check out the view below: