Netflix End-of-April Binge Watching Guide (2015)

Netflix End-of-April Binge Watching Guide (2015)

April 24, 2015 0 By Tim Finch

[This binge-watching guide is for the American version of Netflix. Apologies to our readers from the rest of the world.]

Spring may be a time of rebirth and new life, but that won’t stop Netflix from killing off some great movies and TV series from its lineup. As April turns to May, Netflix is removing over 50 titles, and while most of them aren’t worth your time (sorry Bratz: Babyz: The Movie) some of them are likely in your “My List”.

With the releases of the amazing Daredevil series on Netflix as well as the 5th season of Game of Thrones, chances are you’ve neglected some of the titles that’ll be evaporating along with April’s showers. But there’s still plenty of time left in the month to binge watch some greatness, and we’ve got just the guide to help you decide what to feast your eyes on before it’s too late.AKnightsTale1A Knight’s Tale

While it may not scream “must-watch” at a distance, this romantic action-dramady (sure, why not?) has a lot to offer. First of all, Heath Ledger as a hunky knight. Second, there’s an amazingly geeky supporting cast surrounding the golden-locked Aussie.

Fans of Firefly will obviously recognize Alan Tudyk (aka – Wash) as one of Ledger’s cohorts, and if you squint hard enough you’ll see the other cohort is none other than Robert Baratheon himself, Mark Addy. Oh, and to top it all off, you’ve got Paul Bettany who you probably know as the voice of JARVIS and most recently as The Vision in Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron.

But regardless of the geek-worthy cast, A Knight’s Tale is worth your time because it blends modern-day culture with medieval flare while offering you a few laughs along the way. The world needs more fun movies that don’t take themselves too seriously.Airplane!1

Airplane! & Airplane II: The Sequel

Raunchy, unapologetic, and full of one-liners: what more could you want in your comedies? Oh, you want them to be funny? Don’t worry, Airplane! and its sequel provide plenty of laughs.

Possibly the greatest spoof films of all time, they star Robert Hayes as a wartime pilot suffering from PTSD, Julie Hagerty as a mousey stewardess, and Leslie Nielsen at his absolute finest. If you’ve heard people saying things like “…and don’t call me Shirley” or “Do you like movies about gladiators?” yet don’t know what they mean, then you NEED to see these films.

Airplane! and Airplane II: The Sequel are timeless comedies among the ranks of films like Caddyshack and Blazing Saddles, and should be watched by everybody at least 5 times, because I need more people to randomly quote this film with.LifeIsBeautiful1Life is Beautiful

Now you may be thinking right now, “really, a foreign film?” Yes you troglodyte, a foreign film! Subtitles aren’t going to kill you, and they’re worth reading for this absolutely amazing but tearful Oscar-winning film about life and hope in a Jewish concentration camp.

While the film is heavy and sometimes grips your heart in way that makes you want to stop watching, it’s worth persevering through. I can’t promise that the film won’t depress you at times, and it’ll certainly make you cry, but the movie’s messages of love and human perseverance are worth the pain. So grab some Kleenex and your favorite snuggly pet and watch Life is Beautiful before it’s gone.TheSecretofNIHM1

The Secret of NIMH

If you’re unsure as to why I’m suggesting an animated film about a field mouse and bunch of rats, then I suggest you get on Amazon right now and buy a copy of Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH right now. Not only is the book enjoyable for you, it’s a great read for elementary age children (should you have those).

Now, back to the movie – The Secret of NIMH is a vastly underappreciated animated film from the 80s that tells the tale of a mother field mouse on a journey to save her ill child. While it appears kiddy on the surface, the movie actually contains some dark and heavy themes like unethical animal testing. I can recall being a bit scared at times as a child when watching this, but it didn’t permanently scar me (as far as I know). Oh, and this was also Wil Wheaton’s first movie, which I’m sure has just now convinced some of you not to watch this movie.

Still, it’s a great film that was helmed by Don Bluth, who’s known for other animated greats like The Rescuers, An American Tail, and even the original The Land Before Time. If that list of movies doesn’t rattle some nostalgia within you then I don’t know what will.TMNTII1Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze

The 90s weren’t necessarily kind to geek culture when it came to major motion pictures. With a lackluster bunch of Batman movies and that abomination of a Mario Bros. film it’s a wonder we survived.

Okay, that’s a bit melodramatic. Still, as much as geeky movies suffered over 20 years ago, I still have a soft spot for the campy TMNT films. Sure the second movie in the trilogy doesn’t have as much butt-kicking action as the first (thanks to complaining parents), but it does have Vanilla Ice’s amazing “Ninja Rap.” I honestly don’t think you need any more of a reason than that.RoboCop1RoboCop

I personally haven’t seen the new RoboCop (2014) movie, and I’m okay with that. While the newer cyborg looks more suited to take down crime on the streets of Detroit, I still like the original grey metallic look. It’s classic.

I don’t recall seeing RoboCop or any of the sequels popping up with regularity on cable, so unless you want to buy a copy for yourself, checking out this great action-sci fi film on Netflix before it’s sent packing should be your prime directive.

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