Will Nathan Fillion Appear in Guardians of the Galaxy?

Will Nathan Fillion Appear in Guardians of the Galaxy?

April 8, 2014 0 By EVA

What the actor let slip at the St. Louis Wizard World…

Fans at the St. Louis Wizard World convention were ecstatic last weekend when nerd icon Nathan Fillion basically admitted during his panel that he has a cameo in The Guardians of the Galaxy. Fillion has worked with Guardians director James Gunn on past movies Slither and Super, and Gunn did give the role of Yondu to Michael Rooker who also appeared in both films with Fillion.

When Fillion was asked if he had any interest in Marvel‘s upcoming space adventure he didn’t confirm anything, but his answer was far from a no:

[blockquote]”Wanting to get a part? Or maybe did? I’m just saying… maybe? Maybe you’ll be surprised? Maybe check the credits of the movie when you watch it.”[/blockquote]

Check the credits? Does this mean that if he does have a cameo he will be unrecognizable? Given the universe that Guardians takes place in, it seems very likely that he could be completely hidden in alien make up. Or maybe he is in the post-credit teaser, which could mean he’ll have a reoccurring role in the Marvel cinematic universe. I have a theory that they wrote the character of Cosmo into the film and have been keeping it a secret. Perhaps Nathan Fillion is providing the voice of a talking space dog. Regardless, I keep getting more and more excited for this movie.

Here is the video of Fillion’s panel from St. Louis Wizard World. Skip ahead to around the 38:30 mark for his Guardians announcement!