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The Geeky Weekly: January 3 – January 10

by Laura Cerroneon January 10, 2016
What a beginning to the New Year! Lots of news and lots of enthusiasm for what will be a great year in comics, video games, movies, TV and any other venue you can consume anything remotely geeky. And, as a reminder, here are a few lists we’ve compiled to get you hyped. We’ve got 2016 […]

The Business of Entertainment: Interview with Brimstone

by Laura Cerroneon July 8, 2015
  It would be difficult to pin a single hat on Will Kucmierowski. The businessman, better known by his pro-wrestling moniker and now branched out brand name Brimstone, has his hands in it all. Brimstone has created an empire, launching Hound Entertainment Group and publishing over 40 comics, books, spices and seasonings, fragrances, video games, his involvement […]

The Geeky Weekly: May 3 – May 9

by Laura Cerroneon May 10, 2015
The week just seemed to fly by, and so did the geeky news. It’s been over a full week now since Avengers: Age of Ultron has been out internationally, but it wasn’t the only newsworthy tidbit of the week.   ∴ We reveled in May the Fourth this week, which supplied a whole bunch of […]

Will Nathan Fillion Appear in Guardians of the Galaxy?

by EVAon April 8, 2014
What the actor let slip at the St. Louis Wizard World…

Austin Welcomes the Incredible Stan Lee

by Steph Mernaghon November 26, 2013
He’s a legend in his field. An inspiration to those just starting out and who have been in the game for years. He’s enigmatic, witty and he’s sharp as a tack given that he will be ninety-one years of age. He’s none other than Stan Lee and if you don’t know him, you’ve got some […]