Mark Hamill to appear in CW’s The Flash

Mark Hamill to appear in CW’s The Flash

December 8, 2014 0 By Sean Skywalker

It’s not a galaxy far, far away, but Mark Hamill is set to return to reprise another role from early in his career. Hamill will return to the CW’s The Flash series to reprise his role as The Trickster, the same character he played during the 90’s Flash series on CBS.

Hamill will not be playing the same goofy prankster that he played in the 90’s though; his character as been re-imagined for the current, more serious series.

The CW said this to describe the version of the character;

[blockquote]”In this new iteration, The Trickster is an anarchist terrorist con man serving a life sentence in Iron Heights who helps Barry (Grant Gustin) and Det. West (Jesse L. Martin) to foil the city-wide attacks of a wannabe Trickster eagerly following in the original’s deadly footsteps. The episode will reunite him with John Wesley Shipp who went up against him as the original ‘Flash’ on the CBS version.”[/blockquote]


Mark Hamill will be the third actor to appear in both the current and 90’s series as The Flash, joining John Wesley Shipp who portrayed Barry Allen in the 90’s series, and currently plays Barry Allen’s father in the CW series. The other is Amanda Pays who will make her return to Central City in Tuesday’s episode titled “The Man in the Yellow Suit”, reprising her role as Dr. Tina McGee.

Hamill will make his appearance on The Flash on the shows 17th episode.

How do you feel about Mark Hamill’s return to television? Is there any other 90’s Flash characters you would like see reprise their roles?

Be sure to tune into The Flash on the CW Tuesday 8PM ET/PT