Live Long and Cosplay – A Tribute to Classic Star Trek Cosplay

Live Long and Cosplay – A Tribute to Classic Star Trek Cosplay

March 1, 2015 1 By Alanna Smith

This past Friday we lost a sci-fi legend: the incomparable Leonard Nimoy, better known as Star Trek‘s original Mr. Spock. For many fans his passing feels like losing a family member.  Nimoy brought Spock to life in a way no one else could, and both he and his character inspired many geeks to feel as though they belonged, to aspire to great things, and to “boldly go where no man has gone before”. The geek community owes a lot to Mr. Nimoy and the Star Trek universe, and if there’s one thing we do best it’s pay tribute to the things we love in the most creative, outrageous and fanatical ways. So in the spirit of celebrating his life and memory, we thought we’d share some fantastic original series Star Trek cosplay!

If you see some that you like, be sure to check out the artists and photographers to follow more of their work. If you recognize a cosplayer or photo that we haven’t identified, please let us know so we can give proper credit.

Spock Vegas

Spock by Spock Vegas
Photography by Wandering Dana

star trek tribbles cosplay

“Trouble with Tribbles” Captain Kirk by Unknown
Photography by Unknown

star trek iv cosplay

Captain Kirk by Quantum Destiny’s Art and Costuming
Mr. Spock by glayish
Photography by Unknown

star trek cosplay uhura

Lieutenant Uhura by Britney Siren
Photography by KC Pro Photography

star trek cosplay jessica lg

Starfleet Science Officer by Jessica LG
Photography by Bryan Pedrazzoli

st:tos cosplay

Fem!Captain Kirk by Emmaliene Cosplay
Fem!Spock by Paingu
Photography by Dale L.

Kahn cosplay

Genderbent Khan by Haleigh Ciel
Photography by Unknown