Lady Killer is Fashionable for All Occasions

Lady Killer is Fashionable for All Occasions

March 28, 2015 0 By EVA

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; Lady Killer is one of the best series on comic stands at the moment. Since its announcement months ahead of its release, I was already preaching on how well this book was going ladykiller1to do just on the principle and content alone. Seeing as how both its first and second issue have gone to second printings, Dark Horse’s new mini series has proven itself to be quite the triumph. Lady Killer #4 again proves its success as it continues to weave an engaging storyline and prepares for its finale next month. Possible SPOILER ALERT in this review so turn back now if needed!

Issue four of Lady Killer picks up exactly where the previous chapter of the series left of; with the inevitable confrontation between Josie and Peck. As always, the artwork by Joelle Jones is positively stunning and with the added quip here and there it made even the brief action sequences in the beginning of the issue feel charming and authentic to its 1950’s setting. Throughout the entire issue, we see Josie exhibit her wit and cunning as she attempts to find a permanent solution to the very tricky situation she’s found herself in which helps to serve as a reminder of the brilliant assassin she truly is.

The issue leaves us on edge as we are introduced to two new characters. Now while the introduction of not one but two new characters at the end of this issue while the series only has one issue remaining is a risky bet, I have no doubt that the series will be able to pull it off and am optimistic at how both Joelle Jones and Jaimie S. Rich can tie all of these elements into a thrilling conclusion

Though there are not many things I can pick at for this series in terms of what it’s lacking there is just one flaw to what has been an astonishing book. The narrative and what has been presented thus far has been brilliant in it’s art dialogue and story, it’s just a damn shame that Lady Killer has been presented as a five issue run rather then an ongoing series. There are so many characters, like Peck, Stenholm and even Josie to a point, that I just find myself wanting to connect to, even to learn the potential back stories of and unfortunately it’s just not something that can be exhibited in its final issue.

With just one more issue to go, wrapping up this five part mini series and the story of Josie Schuller, it will be interesting to see what the future and Dark Horse might intend for the Lady Killer series. With how wonderful and successful the first few issues have been, I would be more than happy to see another installment of the Lady Killer franchise, either returning to a story involving Josie or even an entirely new feature starring another “lady killer” in another time period.