The End Continues: Interview with Knightfall Star Tom Cullen

The End Continues: Interview with Knightfall Star Tom Cullen

March 25, 2019 0 By Gary

What can fans expect from Season 2 of Knightfall? “A darker, more authentic, [and] bloody real look at this fascinating [period of time],” according to Tom Cullen, who stars as Landry on the HISTORY series (whose season 2 premiere launches tonight, March 25th, at 10 pm et/pt on HISTORY.)

Season 2 will serve a stark contrast to season 1.

Where season 1 was bright, and bathed in primary colours, as the Templars were prosperous, and at the height of their power and influence, season 2 will be darker, and more grey, as the series leads toward the fateful events of Friday the 13th, 1307 (don’t know the significance of the date? Don’t spoil yourself with Google, buckle up and enjoy the ride.)

Cullen promises “an epic season, with big battles and a huge climax. It’s a season about redemption and revenge.”

Following the events of season 1, Cullen’s character Landry is, in many ways, broken. “He doesn’t feel his life is worth living…the events of season 1 boil down to his failures, and mistakes. He needs to find a way to put himself back together.”

And that’s where series co-star Mark Hamill (yes, that Mark Hamill) comes in. Hamill’s character Talus, (introduced for the first time in season 2) was imprisoned for many years, and returns to train new initiates to the order; and Landry, who needs to be reforged, as it were.

“[Talus] hates Landry.”

That’s quite a place to start for an actor who grew up idolizing his co-star.

“In my childhood, I got up every day and watched A New Hope on loop. Many feel like they have an attachment to Mark. [But] he’s humble and charming, and he’s great to have on set.”

And clearly, being a master of the lightsabre provides transferable skills to the brutal metal on metal swordfights in Knightfall, so Hamill fits right in.

Cullen was genuine about his passion for the show, and its upcoming season, and gushed with praise for his famous co-star, but he shared a fascinating anecdote about the casting process for Knightfall.

He recalled a 4 or 5 rounds of auditions, a rigourous process, with each audition having more eyes on him than the last. “[I remember] my first audition was [toward the end of the day] and I turned up and everyone had gone home. Only the assistant casting director was there; I left saying, ‘I guess they don’t want me,'” clearly Cullen made a strong impression on that assistant casting director, as he made it through the process and was ultimately selected as Landry.

One thing the production team didn’t ask him before he was cast? “No one ever asked me if I could fight or ride a horse, until I turned up the first day on the set.”

I joked that clearly his lightsabre training as a boy paid off, as his sword skills in Knightfall are impressive. He agreed, wholeheartedly.

Knightfall season 2 premieres tonight, at 10 pm et/pt, on HISTORY.