Hemlock Grove Season 2

Hemlock Grove Season 2

July 25, 2014 0 By Steph Mernagh

If you are a big horror fan and you’ve never checked out Hemlock Grove, you are missing out.

All you need is a Netflix account and you can immediately get access to two seasons of Hemlock Grove (since it’s a Netflix exclusive) that’s executive produced by gore-master Eli Roth (Cabin Fever, Hostel) and developed by Brian McGreevy and Lee Shipman. The show revolves around the strange goings-on in Hemlock Grove, a fictional town in the state of Pennsylvania including murders, what is really going on in the Godfrey Institute for Biomedical Technologies, and why some of it’s residents are aren’t exactly like the others.

This is the stopping point for anyone who hasn’t yet seen the show, as this article will contain spoilers for season one only; if you’ve seen the first season already or don’t care if it’s spoiled for you, please read on.

Season two begins interestingly enough; with Peter Rumancek a far cry from Hemlock Grove, he’s enjoying a gypsy party for the dead, where he meets up with his cousin, Destiny, who you may remember from season one as the psychic con-artist. Everything seems to be going pretty well until the police show up to arrest Peter’s mother on several charges. That’s all it takes to bring him back to Hemlock Grove, a place that he could really do without for the remainder of his days.

You'll have to watch to see what this scene is all about.

You’ll have to watch to see what this scene is all about.

Roman, on the other hand, is living alone and attempting to take some kind of control down at the Godfrey Institute. Olivia is alive and recovering with the help of Norman and Dr. Pryce and of course the “good doctor” is up to his scheming ways and his story only serves to get more interesting as the season rolls on. We are also introduced to some new characters such as Miranda (played by Orange is the New Black actress Madeline Brewer) who shows up on Roman’s doorstep following an accident. She’s an interesting character that ends up bringing a lot to the show, but she’s one of those characters I think viewers will either love or hate. There may not be too much of a middle ground there.

While the first season was more an introduction to the group of characters that seemed somewhat stereotypical and feeling a little bit like Glee meets True Blood this season easily proves that there are more layers underneath our favorite heroes and villains in these tales and certainly more secrets than meet the eye. Not only are the boys struggling to tackle their own issues, but a larger threat is making waves and they have to work together (as much as they may not want to) in order to stop innocent people from losing their lives.

It’s hard to say much more than that without spoiling any of the plot points in the series, but I can say that one of the characters from last season will be appearing again and they have a much bigger role this time around, which only furthers the story of other characters well. Everything is much more intertwined this season and the characters dialogue and actions are much better developed as well. It makes for a great watching experience and if you’ve been interested in what would happen to the residents of Hemlock Grove since the end of the first season — well it’s safe to say that things are just getting weirder.