Guillermo del Toro Loves Toronto

Guillermo del Toro Loves Toronto

January 18, 2013 0 By Steph Mernagh

Guillermo del Toro confesses his love of Toronto in a new interview with the Toronto Star but who can really blame him?

In the interview he reveals that the Pinewood Toronto Studios may be home to a new television series he will be working on called The Strain. Del Toro says that the show will be based on a vampire series he wrote with Chuck Hogan, an acclaimed novelist. His upcoming films, Mama and the much-talked-about Pacific Rim were also filmed at Pinewood Studios.

Check out why he loves Toronto so much, the places he goes for breakfast and dinner and what movie he wants to work on at the end of the year at Pinewood Studios here at the Toronto Star website. I for one am definitely on board for calling him an Honorary Torontonian.

Mama comes out tonight, January 18th and see del Toro’s Pacific Rim trailer below!

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