Force United Niagara Expo!

May 19, 2013 0 By Steph Mernagh

The Force United Niagara Expo (or FUN Expo for short) took place on Saturday, May 18th and we were there to catch some of the action!

The Force United Niagara are a group of individuals that volunteer their time to go to events and raise money for charities, their main one being Help A Child Smile, a charitable organization focused on children with cancer who are being treated at the Children’s Hospital at Hamilton Health Sciences Corporation by providing opportunities for them and their families to smile and have fun. The volunteers are comprised of members of Star Wars fan groups across the Niagara region and surrounding area. They are members of the 501st Canadian Garrison, London Rogues, Rebel Legion and other local groups.

The group has been volunteering together since 2007 with one goal in mind and that is to make children smile, not just by raising funds for the charity, but also by attending events where kids can see everyone in costume as stormtroopers, imperial guards and even the infamous Darth Vader. Sometimes, even droid units pay a visit to check out all the action, and the FUN Expo was no different. Darth and his troopers were joined this time by R2-C2, R2-D2 and a couple others. Even the kids got in the spirit of dressing up with one little girl as Princess Leia, cinnamon bun hair and all.

Since 2007, the FUN Expo has raised almost $15,000 for Help A Child Smile. (At date of publication, no monetary amount was available for how much they raised at their 2013 event)

There were all kinds of vendors there selling various wares (though unfortunately no one was selling a Plo Koon) from Star Wars action figures to art, cosplay photos and even Power Rangers dresses. Our friends from We Got the Geek were there, and some cosplayers were in attendance too, including Th3 Rogue (Monica Zelak) and Zombie Bit Me (Shantel Knight). Perhaps the biggest draw though were actress Pam Rose (Star Wars: A New Hope), actor Alan Flyng (Star Wars) and comic book artist Leonard Kirk (Marvel comics) who were all signing autographs and taking photos with the fans.

Check out our photo gallery of the event below!

All photography courtesy of Marc Daniel Photography
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