Flashback Film Series Now a Year Long Event

Flashback Film Series Now a Year Long Event

January 29, 2019 0 By Jeff Fountain

For the past nine years, Cineplex has hosted the Flashback Film Festival (which was previously called The Great Digital Film Fest). This was a week-long celebrating of many genres, including action, sci-fi and comedy films, many of which are cult classics. Because of the success of the festival, it has now changed to the Flashback Film Series, a yearlong celebration stretching across 22 theaters in Canada, including Toronto.

Every month you will have the opportunity to watch two classic films on the big screen again, with titles like Thelma & Louise, Spaceballs, Being John Malkovich (20th anniversary), The Matrix (20th anniversary) and more.

Come celebrate this wonderful event and watch some classic movies again, or maybe take this opportunity to see one of these cult classics for the first time!

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