The Flash: Things You Can’t Outrun Review

The Flash: Things You Can’t Outrun Review

October 23, 2014 0 By Jeff Fountain

The first two episodes of The Flash took pains to show us how great Grant Gustin is and how he is very capable in regards to carrying the weight of the show on his shoulders. Episode three, which could easily have been named ‘Things You Need To Know About The Support Team That Will Affect Future Episodes’, we learn more about what happened to both Cisco and Caitlin the night of the life changing explosion and how they still are carrying around the guilt and scars of that evening.

With the third straight monster of the week and more groundwork laid for a longer and more substantial story arc, The Flash is following the successful path of Arrow very closely. It remains to seen when and if it will escape that shadow and carve out a permanent identity of its own.

Fighting the newest metahuman villain this week, Kyle Nimbus AKA The Mist, it suddenly dawns on the team at S.T.A.R. Labs that they are going to need some sort of containment facility to keep these villains under wraps as obviously a regular jail just won’t cut it. Realizing the particle accelerator is perfect for the job as prison allows them to revisit that night and its ramifications for all involved.


Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) gets some time in the spotlight as she talks about the loss of her fiancé Ronnie (Robbie Amell) and gets to spew out some awful inside jokes to how some future episodes are going to look. Cisco (Carlos Valdes) also has some guilt to get over and while the flashbacks he and Caitlin have border on over the top in terms of sappy, they do serve their purpose. Let’s just move on from this now, shall we?

Some of the better moments are saved for Joe, Henry and of course, Dr. Wells. John Wesley Shipp once again shows he was expertly cast as Barry’s father with his tense but emotional exchange with Joe ( Jesse L. Martin) at the prison. Watching the two fathers talk it out was a good scene and not just another sappy ass piece of dialogue that sometimes seriously slows down the momentum of the show.

Once again, the episode ends with a clip that involves the now very suspicious and sketchy Dr. Wells. (Tom Cavanagh) That is three straight episodes that Dr. Wells has left us furrowing our brows and scratching our heads, creating more questions than answers. All I know is there had better be a good payoff for this buildup otherwise many, myself included, will not be happy.


As I mentioned earlier, this was also the third straight episode that had a monster of the week and while they have a bit better (hey, turning into poison gas is kind of different and cool) it is almost time to change gears. Not to do away with the villains, but introduce one more substantial that cannot be defeated inside a forty plus minute episode. That being said, I do have confidence that something big is coming sooner than later.

One thing that is bothering me more and more each week though is the character of Isis, daughter of Detective Joe West and ‘best friend’ of Barry. While her investigation of the ‘red streak’ around the city is mildly interesting in a minor plot point sort of way, Iris herself is becoming rather annoying and… boring. They need to make her more important or useful than Barry’s secret love and batting her eyelashes.

For the most part, ‘Things You Can’t Outrun’ serves its purpose and gets more of the cast involved while adding to and advancing the storyline at the same time. However, as we are now moving into the fourth episode, the grace period is now almost officially over. I don’t expect The Flash to move mountains but for a comic based show it is time to move on to the next level, whatever that may be.