First Look at Bay’s Turtles

First Look at Bay’s Turtles

January 29, 2014 1 By Marc

Even though this may be the worst movie made, at least the turtles look awesome.

We finally have a look at what the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will look like in Michael Bay’s upcoming reboot film with some production art and some scale model photos.

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These pictures give me a a sign of hope that the movie may not be all terrible. The Turtles all have unique looks based on their personality and fighting style. Leonardo has some makeshift armor made from what looks like old sports gear and bamboo, Raphael looks brooding and like a muscular hulk, Donatello is not close up but looks tall and lean, and Michelangelo looks younger than the rest and fit to fight.

Another very cool thing is how amazing The Shredder looks. The armor looks menacing and fits the character so well.

Based on what we can see from the images this movie may not be too horrible, and this could be to all the backlash Bay got when it was announced he was going to be directing the new film. TMNT fans are passionate about the franchise and would hate to see another failed attempt at bringing this world to life on film. With all the success of recent superhero films such as Batman, The Avengers and Iron Man, there is a ton of pressure to bring the Turtles up to the caliber of those films.

Regardless of all the great images of what the turtles could look like, there is one thing that is still holding a giant black cloud over the entire movie…

Megan Fox is April O’Neil.

The movie is set to come out August 8th, 2014.