Fear The Walking Dead – Los Muertos Rundown.

Fear The Walking Dead – Los Muertos Rundown.

August 29, 2016 0 By Marc

Nick finds himself in the saftey of the Tijuana safe zone… but how safe is this new haven?

Fear the Walking Dead has not been doing too well ratings wise compared to the original TWD. Viewership has dropped from year 1 to year two, and hopefully with this season we see a revival of the fan base of the show. Part 2 of season 2 has proven that the show has a lot of promise so far and the fans should reconsider the show and give it a solid second go.

After days of roaming with walkers, escaping from bandits and getting attacked by wild dogs, Nick finds himself in the safety of some survivors that have barricaded themselves away in the mountains overlooking Tijuana. The only issue though is the sacrificial feedings the town is giving to a group of walkers they have quarantined at a part of their village.

Nick attempts to fit in with the other survivors, but having limited knowledge of how to speak Spanish, a lot is left up to him using his own skills to ensure he gets through every encounter. Nick discovers how far his skills will get him when he goes outside the wall with Luciana. She explains why the people get sacrificed, those who are near death join the dead on their own terms. Nick also discovers how society has changed south of the border, not only do the dead control, but so do the gangs and cartels. They control area of the city, the groceries and other key points that they can use to control the remaining survivors of the city.

Nick and Luciana visit one of these strongholds for supplies, trading medicine to get in. They get water, food, anything that will help them in the long run. Nick also notices all the sick inside the compound, and what kind of situation they are in, they need the medicine or they will perish just like the rest. regardless of Nicks willingness to survive, he is still inexperienced and can be stupid.

Nick thinks he is pulling a trick by stealing a cake to try and gaining the survivors another cart of water by persuading the gang members that the drugs will stop if they don’t, but this could spell war for the survivors and the gang. There is something also very interesting about the doctor Alejandro, and the rumour of him being bitten and not turning. We see a glimpse of the bite when he has a word with Nick in the medicine storehouse, as he fixes his shirt we can see a deep bite that was taken out of his shoulder, and has healed.

Since the break we also get to see what Madison, Alicia and Strand have been up to since “Shiva”. They are still on the hunt for whereabouts of Tavis and Chris who have not been found. The group take refuge in an old resort by the beach, hoping for not just a vacation, but some escape from what they have gone through so far. They hope for food, water, and shelter, and perhaps a better way to find Travis and Chris. This is Alicia’s time to show what she is made of, and how she can really stand up on her own. The genius markings of the rooms with the do not disturb signs shows that someone clever was or is still in the building and has been doing what our current group is now trying to do. Alicia is showing her will to survive by insisting to go room to room and get what is necessary for the group to move on, Ophelia though is not doing as well, with the recent loss of Daniel, she is all alone in the world.

Madison also opens up this episode while her and Strand share a drink at the bar of the resort. She reflects on her drinking problems and how much she misses her family. She is a mother without her children and no longer feels in control. She also feels regretful about her decisions in life and her choices until now, her anger and her regret surface through the alcohol.  These choices made will also be regretful when they find out how alive this dead resort really is. Once the charm of the empty hotel fades they see the dead surface everywhere, falling from balconies, swarming the staircases and locked within the visitors centre.

The episode wraps up with the culmination of the theme of the episode, loss of hope. Alicia is alone in a hotel room with Ophelia nowhere to be seen, Strand and Madison trapped Sean of the Dead style at the bar, and Nick watching as the town appears to think that the walkers are a sign of god and they are “chosen”

It will be interesting to see how each storyline either merges or finishes out this season, considering the lack of hope each group has right now.