Fannibal Fest 2017 Adds Scott Thompson and Aaron Abrams!

by on May 1, 2017

Two more guests have been added to the new Hannibal convention, Fannibal Fest 2017!

Scott Thompson (Jimmy Price) and Aaron Abrams (Brian Zeller) are set to join Hannibal fans Nov 2-5th in Toronto at the Toronto Airport Hilton. Click on the link below for more information.






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  • May 1, 2017 at 9:50 pm

    You might also want to mention the following:
    1. The cheapest ticket you can get is 160$ and you have to attend all four days of the convention (no one day option)
    2. Customer service reps for this convention are incredibly rude and accuse anyone who asks a legitimate question of being a “hater” or just ignores it
    3. They still don’t know what membership is or what it gets you.
    4. They have no actual way of affording these guests that they booked beyond ticket sales which are extremely expensive. The group discount rate for the hotel still sets the price at 109$ a night which is over 400$ if you want to stay the entire convention and get your money’s worth for the 160-325$ ticket you will be forced to purchase
    5. The ticket DOES NOT include “additional events” such as autographs, the bus tour (which they still haven’t priced) and other events which they won’t say how much it’ll cost
    6. They keep teasing more guests which they can’t possibly afford as well as tacking on other expenses such as private security
    7. They parade their organization around as non-profit but the moment you ask where your money is going they yell at you and tell you they are a private organization (Which they are not if they registered for non-profit status)
    8. They have repeatedly insulted and been rude towards people asking questions then deleted responses in order to hide that they have been rude.
    9. Their expenses don’t add up such as 1125 thousand dollars for web/domain fees when at most it should really only cost them 500$ (even less) considering the domain cost them 10$ to purchase and the hosting packages on their domain site START at 3.99 per month
    10. The man they claim is “consulting” and “advising” them on their convention will not comment or respond on the convention nor does he seem to behave like he even knows the convention exists.
    This is extremely shady, and you should look into what you are promoting before you promote it because chances are they can’t even afford Scott and Aaron and everything will fall through before the convention actually happens.
    http://fannibalfestscamreport.tumblr.com Your proof of everything I said is on that website so you can see I’m not just “making things up”
    For the record I am not against a North American Fannibal Convention, but this one is extremely shady, run by incompetent people, and it’s bleeding money. Do it right or don’t do it at all.


  • May 2, 2017 at 6:52 pm

    You might want to mention the following:
    1. The tickets cost anywhere between 160 to 325 dollars for 4 days and there is no one day option
    2. The guest appearance is most likely based on ticket sales and they aren’t generating enough to afford even one of the four guests they are promoting
    3. They still don’t know what a membership is despite telling people they need to get a membership
    4. They are a non-profit organization but when you ask them about their budget they claim they are a private business, which isn’t true.
    5. Their web hosting fees couldn’t possibly exceed 500$ (and even that’s pushing it) but they claim their web hosting fees to be over 1000 dollars.
    6. They are a “team of artists” but for some reason their logo cost 150 dollars meaning one of these people on the team paid themselves 150 dollars to make that really simple logo
    7. Their legal fees are completely arbitrary and based on almost nothing
    8. The kickstarter was for “startup costs” not to book guests so there’s no telling how much they’ve lied to book these guests
    9. The hotel room, even with the discount, still costs 109$ a night and if you want your money’s worth on the ticket you are going to have to stay at least 3 days so thats 300-400 dollars already not including travel
    10. Even the most expensive ticket doesn’t include everything and they still haven’t priced out what the additional costs will be
    All the proof is here: http://fannibalfestscamreport.tumblr.com so you can see that it’s not just being made up. Oh and I’ll keep posting this comment every day so people can see it but I’m not too worried as it’s obvious you got maybe 30 people who are actually going to this convention right now.


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