[E3 2015] Xbox Reveals Elite Wireless Controller

[E3 2015] Xbox Reveals Elite Wireless Controller

June 15, 2015 1 By Steph Mernagh

Today at E3 during their briefing, Xbox announced a new thing of beauty that head of Xbox Phil Spencer described as an “elite controller for an elite gamer”.

Want to amp up your gaming? This controller is for you.

You’ll get pro-level precision with fantastic new features like hair trigger locks, completely swappable components and even button remapping. Players will receive game changing accuracy from their controller that is built to their desires and customized they want it to be. Players can even customize the thumbstick sensitivity and the levels for the top triggers. The controller even comes with four paddles, reachable by players middle and ring fingers, allowing gamers to keep their thumbs on the thumbsticks at all times instead of having to alternate, making a gaming experience better.


It also comes with an app that allows up to 255 custom button setups and players can assign up to two to the controller at one time, able to toggle between the two during gameplay if desired. The app saves all of the changes to the controllers firmware, and Microsoft engineers insist players will not experience any lag issues due to button reassignment. Button combo options are not available so there is no concern about other players ‘cheating’.

The Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller will be available this fall, but the price point has not been released yet.

Immediately after the Wireless Controller announcement, Xbox was also happy to introduce BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY to all Xbox One systems this holiday. Read more about that here.