[E3 2015] Sony Gets Their Game on at Their Playstation Conference

[E3 2015] Sony Gets Their Game on at Their Playstation Conference

June 16, 2015 1 By Emilia Cowan

Day zero was huge for players and game companies alike. Microsoft started the day strong with their conference and Sony stuck the landing with their annual Playstation Conference. While previous years have focused on new hardware and consoles, games seem to be the theme this year at E3. This is a relief considering the looming VR war between the various companies. After the long wait, it seems players on all consoles can expect stunning games in the coming year. The GCE was live tweeting at the Playstation Conference (that’s right we’re at E3!) but if you happened to miss it we’ve compiled some of the best announcements to come out of the conference!

The Last Guardian is back! 

Years back a little game called the Last Guardian was announced by Fumito Ueda, the designer of Shadow of the Colossus and Ico. However, the game never made it past the tech demo and it was believed to be another project lost to the ages. It had almost become a running joke like Half Life 3, but Sony proved us wrong. I think? Opening up the Playstation Conference was another gameplay demo, featuring more of the Last Guardian and a mysterious release date of 2016. One can only hope the game really plans to release in 2016, but it was still great to see it again.

Horizon: Zero Dawn pits cavewoman against robot dinosaurs 

Who doesn’t love dinosaurs? I mean, dinos beat superheroes it’s a fact, and dinos nearly stole the show when Guerrilla Games took the stage with their strange new IP, Horizon: Zero Dawn. Set for 2016, Horizon: Zero Dawn looks promising and hopefully it will capture the scale of hunting robot dinosaurs like the trailer did.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is real! 

The crowd practically lost their minds when this trailer hit and I think the Internet broke a bit. After much speculation and a few leaks, it’s finally confirmed! Final Fantasy VII is getting an official remake! The game will be available first on PlayStation.

Shenmue 3 Kickstarter? 


Game companies have always had a tentative relationship with Kickstarter. PlayStation has gone out of its way to partner with different games to bring them to PlayStation once they hit their Kickstarter goal. It’s an interesting relationship and it’s cool to see how big the fundraising platform has become. Fans have been demanding a sequel for Shenmue 2 for years. Well, fans are going to have to put their money where their mouth is because Shenmue 3 has a Kickstarter! Should the game meet its goals, we can expect the game for PS4 and PC in 2017.

Playstation Vue unbundles

Part of the problem with cable service is having to purchase bundles of channels. It can get expensive and it’s a big reason why many switch to Hulu or Netflix. Sony had been offering a bundle TV plan through PlayStation Vue, but at the PlayStation Conference they announced the death of bundles. Sony has decided to unbundle their channel streaming service and let viewers choose the channels they want a la carte. When this offer hits in July, Sony will become one of the first TV provider to offer channels to consumers without bundling them. Showtime, FOX Soccer Plus, and an exclusive channel from Machinima all launch in July.

Sony partners with Activision to bring Call of Duty: Black Ops III


This seems oddly reminiscent of Sony stealing Bungie from Microsoft a few years back. Sony announced a partnership with Activision, bringing an end to Xbox timed Call of Duty exclusives. PlayStation owners can expect early beta access and map packs for Black Ops III.

Project Morpheus 


Available to demo on the E3 show floor, Project Morpheus aims to be a VR experience like no other (sounds like every VR experience no offense). What was really cool was the announcement of four-player local multiplayer and Rigs, a 3v3 battle arena. Rigs will be available to demo at E3.

Sony definitely placed emphasis on gaming with a bunch of exclusives and new IPs this PlayStation Conference. While it would have been nice to see a backward compatibility announcement there’s a good chance that will be announced at a later date since Xbox kind of pushed them into a corner with their announcement. Be sure to tune in for more E3 2015 coverage as GCE takes over the show floor! What were your thoughts of the Playstation Conference?

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