E3 2014: The Order 1886

E3 2014: The Order 1886

June 14, 2014 0 By Steph Mernagh

Why was The Order: 1886, a Playstation 4 exclusive, so hot on the expo floor this week?

Sony revealed only a little more of their game The Order: 1886 this past week at E3 Expo. The game, not due out until February 2015, has been shrouded in mystery, which only makes it more enticing for eager gamers such as myself. With a unique concept set in a gritty alternate world, this game could very well see itself on many ‘must-have’ lists.

In The Order: 1886 you’ll play the role of Galahad, one of the most experienced Knights of the Order, and enter a unique vision of Victorian-era London that fuses real historical figures and events with new twists on familiar myths and legends. Rebels in the city declare war on The Order and chaos ensues; there’s danger around every corner and while the rebels and The Order fight it out, an ancient foe known as the Half-breeds bides it’s time, growing in strength and numbers.

Perhaps the most interesting part of The Order: 1886 is its filmic vision; the game replicates the nuances of actual motion picture cameras and lenses in order to bring the player further into the game and give them a more immersive experience overall. The textures and shades of the game give you a realistic feel of this gritty, re-imagined world of Neo-Victorian London.

Attendees to the E3 Expo found that they could only play a torturous five minute demo of the game and that it was the same footage we’ve all seen stream on Twitch earlier, but it left many interested enough in the game to want to know more about it, and the talk of the expo was a look at one of the games weapons, the Thermite Rifle. Some praised the weapon and some found it inaccurate and somewhat cumbersome, but with the release of the game still eight months away, there’s a lot of work to be done and so much more to be revealed.