Dr. Death’s Bloody Entrance on Showcase

Dr. Death’s Bloody Entrance on Showcase

September 12, 2021 0 By Gary

Do no harm.

It’s a core philosophy of the Hippocratic Oath, sworn by Doctors before they begin their practice of medicine.

Dr. Death, premiering today on Showcase, explores the story of Christopher Duntsch, a doctor whose botched surgeries maimed some of his patients, including two who died.

“[I] found this story so compelling,” said Patrick McManus, executive producer of Dr. Death. “Look, I believe [Duntcsh] belongs behind bars forever. But he really is an extraordinarily complex character. [He was a genius] and some of his patents are still being used. Had he stayed in his lane this might be a very different story.”

Inspired by true events, Dr. Death needed to be careful as they developed their show. Real people were hurt or killed. Their experiences needed to be portrayed respectfully, but honestly. While the show was about Dunstch, it was their trauma that catalysed the events. “We changed a lot of names, but the victims are going to see themselves in this work. Our team was really cognizant of our responsibility to tell this story fairly.”

The show features a stellar cast, with Joshua Jackson in a chilling turn as Duntsch, and Alec Baldwin as the Dr. Robert Henderson, the man whose faith in the system would be shaken to its core as he pursued Duntsch. Dr. Death also stars Christian Slater and AnnaSophia Robb.

In a story such as this, it’s easy to ascribe motive: why did he do it? What drove him toward these acts?

It’s unknowable, according to McManus.

“Why? It’s impossible to know,” said McManus. “Only he can say why and if he did [it would be a lie.]”

While we may never know the motive behind his crimes, we can watch the story unfold starting tonight at 9 pm ET, only on Showcase.


Thanks to Patrick McManus for speaking with us