Diana Gabaldon to Meet Her Fans in Paris

Diana Gabaldon to Meet Her Fans in Paris

March 25, 2015 0 By Elodie Peyrano

Vive l’Ecosse. That’s what some Parisian Outlander’s fans can say as, after several days of teasing, the news became official: Diana Gabaldon will meet them next week. The writer of the widely acclaimed series will do a little signing session in the Paris’ bookstore La Fnac of Bercy Village on March 31st around 6pm (the time has yet to be confirmed).

While the show has just been launched in UK, Diana Gabaldon has been enjoying a few days in France posting several pictures of her in Paris which, of course, pleased her admirers but also made them eager to meet her. The visit of the author has been planned for several weeks as she was invited in France to christen the ship Avalon Tapestry II in Les Andelys, but she mentioned several times the possibility of something more.

Despite the show not being aired in France yet, the writer can count on a passionate community who love tweeting to her. Knowing their favorite writer will be in the country, fans have asked several times if there were any chances of a little event. Gabaldon teased a little about a meeting without announcing anything official until quite recently.

Diana teased her fans while visiting Paris earlier this week

But the big news came out today on Outlander-France, the #1 fansite about the books and the show, when the webmaster confirmed on Tuesday morning on the blog and on the social networks that they’ll be able to meet her. Immediately the fans became elated on twitter.

If the official French publishing house hasn’t announced any details about the whole event, it is said that before the signing, Diana Gabaldon will share 20 minutes likely in a Q & A with her fans.