Dept.H #1 Offers a Glimpse into the Depths

Dept.H #1 Offers a Glimpse into the Depths

March 21, 2016 0 By Gary

Dept.H #1 is a new monthly series from Dark Horse Comics, on sale April 20th.

A man is dead. But the crime scene? It’s six miles beneath the ocean at a deep sea research station.

There are only seven possible suspects, each with their own motive, and relationship with the victim.

The issue follows the investigation of Mia, hired to learn the truth of the events that took place well below the surface.

Contents Under Pressure

The issue makes a very strong statement of Mia’s descent to the station; it’s almost an allegory for the pressure she’s under to solve the case.

As she descends deeper, the pressure grows more intense, both outside her submersible transport and on herself.

Matt Kindt, the creative mind behind MIND MGMT, brings an oppressive feeling of loneliness to the character of Mia. Abandoning her beneath billions of gallons of water, surrounded by potential enemies, she’s truly and completely alone.

While some of the suspects may be known to her, what she truly fears is that any one of them could be a murderer.

(I particularly liked what I thought was a nod to Moby Dick, one of the most famous nautical tales ever written. A well tattooed character is named Q, analogous to the harpooneer, Queequeg?)


The art is unique amongst the comics I’ve ever read. At first, it seems simple, or perhaps overly simplistic. But that’s the magic of Kindt’s style: its simplicity. It forces the reader to focus on the key images and doesn’t allow the book to get bogged down.

It’s because you focus on what’s important that you can appreciate what you’re seeing all the more; the subtle tones, the texture of the art, lends itself to the mystery.


For me, Dept.H started slowly. I understood how they were setting the story, but by the time they got to the hook, it was too late, I’d already lost interest. There is certainly something here but I’d need to invest in another two or three issues before I’d really know what.

Dept.H #1 is definitely worth taking a look at…the potential for a long, slow burn is high.


Want to pre-order Dept.H #1? Quote previews #FEB160017 to reserve yours at your local comic shop, but the deadline March 28th!