Deadman’s Cross for iOS

Deadman’s Cross for iOS

February 28, 2014 0 By EVA

Square Enix has recently released a game for iOS and Android devices called Deadman’s Cross.

Deadman’s Cross a zombie based RPG trading card game where you collect, trade and battle using character cards. This game is based off an earlier Square Enix release called Guardian Cross which is the same trading card concept, just fantasy based.

The game is free to download and to play, but you can buy in-game currency which gives you access to better character cards. If you don’t want to spend money then you can play until your character runs out of moves. Your movement points replenish naturally on a timer. For a trading card game there is a surprising amount of variety. Acquiring new zombie cards is done by going on a “hunt” in different areas of the city. Each area has a large catalogue of different zombies. The hunt is also in first person shooter mode. You wait for a zombie to appear, shoot it 1-3 times and then the card is acquired. Each hunt is only 1 minute long so obviously you have to grab as many cards as possible. After the hunt you can assemble your team or “horde” where you choose a maximum of 10 zombie cards. This horde is what you will use on jobs when you battle other CPU generated zombie hordes or you can also go to the “Boneyard” and test your horde against other users.

Square Enix has also added a bit of a storyline which is surprisingly in depth. The other areas in game your character can go to is The Bar, at which you can read the “Job Board” where other in game characters are looking for work to be done. The jobs are either searches or hunts. Searching buildings in the game is essential to keep it moving and to improve your horde since you have to acquire hunt and boneyard vouchers, among other rewards. The searches are where your movement points come into play. As stated before you can use real money to buy more movement points when they are depleted. The hunt jobs are either trying to catch a certain zombie or a certain amount zombies of a certain type.

The other aspect of the game becomes essential after awhile of playing which is leveling up you zombies. This is not done by battles but by having your chosen zombie feed on other unused or unwanted zombies. It will only take a few hunts until you have unwanted zombies to sacrifice. You can also boost your zombies stats with other items you get as rewards.

Trading card games usually get boring pretty quick but Deadman’s Cross has quite a lot of variety with 100’s of different zombies like a Plumber or a Nurse even zombie animals to collect. There is a decent back story and ongoing storyline. It also has a bunch of characters to keep you company. This game is really well done and should satisfy any zombie lover looking for a fun time waster.