Dead All Night to Screen For Free on Survival Zombie Film’s Roku Channel

Dead All Night to Screen For Free on Survival Zombie Film’s Roku Channel

October 30, 2015 0 By Jeff Fountain

DEAD ALL NIGHT has partnered with Survival Zombie Films to showcase DEAD ALL NIGHT for the remainder of 2015. DEAD ALL NIGHT will screen for FREE on the ROKU channel for Survival Zombie Films starting on November 1st, 2015 and ending Dec 31st, 2015.

In the tradition of Mad Max, Escape from New York and The Warriors, comes this violent, blood filled action short DAN-POSTER-FINAL-LAURELS-webfilm in tribute to the over the top, uncensored classics of the 80’s. In a post-apocalyptic future, some parts of the Country are lawless wastelands, free of government rule. An anarchist lord of the wasteland, known as The Veteran (Kyle William), and his vicious gang of neo-punk-goons have built a doomsday device to end our world forever. The government must reach out to the best and last line of defense… an ex special forces agent, now death-row inmate, Gavin Green (Ry Barrett), who has to break into the free zone and destroy the device or risk the destruction of the free world.

Red and White Productions and Black Fawn Films are proud to present: From writer \ director\ producer Christopher Giroux (producer of such films as The Drownsman, Bite & Antisocial),director of photography \ producer Chad Archibald (Neverlost, Bite, The Drownsman) and producer Brad McMillan (The Post-Lifers, O Come All Ye Zombies, Tasha & Friends) who bring to life an 80’s style action tribute like you’ve never seen before, filled with violent kills, cheeky one liners and more leather jackets than you can count! ‘Dead All Night’ has played festivals in Canada, United States, France, Ireland and Mexico and now is coming exclusively to ROKU.

“I am honoured to have partnered wiOfficers5th Survival Zombie Films to release DEAD ALL NIGHT. I love the fun and exciting content Survival Zombie Films has been releasing and gaining a cult following with their own productions and TV specials. It’s exciting that DEAD ALL NIGHT has played festivals world-wide and now being released for anyone to watch.” – Director,Christopher Giroux

Dead All Night stars; Ryan Barrett (Neverlost, If a Tree Falls, The Drownsman), Robert Nolan (Sick, Familiar), Breanne TeBoekhorst (If a Tree Falls, Kill), Kyle William (The Escape), John Cross (The Post-Lifers), Nathan Hawkins (Dead Genesis), Derrek Peels (The Big Hit, Vs. The Dead), Matthew Spencer (I Choose Chaos), Mikelle Virey (Nine Plus One), and introducing MMA fighter Jennifer “Jenocide” Chareunvong & voices by Sandra Dacosta (Sick”)

Check out the trailer below to prepare yourself for the Novemer 1st release: