Cosplay Spotlight: The Daywalker

Cosplay Spotlight: The Daywalker

January 16, 2015 0 By Alanna Smith

In our cosplay feature “10 Uncanny Cosplays to Make You Question Reality”, we introduced you to The Daywalker, a UK-based cosplayer and look-a-like known for his remarkable Blade cosplay. We recently caught up with him and conducted our own interview with the vampire to learn more about his awesome cosplay.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I am simply known as Daywalker. I am a Coslife and professional Cosplayer based in London, but I am mainly a Coslife as I work at being the real life personification of Blade, creating the impression of the character walking off the screen straight onto the floor of a convention or event. I am every inch the geek, loving gaming and films. Like anyone out there, I enjoy a good superhero film or an epic action film. Currently I am working on getting the perfect Blade body for both accurate portrayal of Blade for my professional cosplay work and in preparation to take up the role of Blade for the new films, (when Marvel is ready to make a reboot film and series). It is very hard work as I am now in the gym twice a day on a bulking programme. My aim is to get to be 13 stones (all cut muscle) as soon as possible.


Photography by Shinigami Photography

When and why did you first get into cosplay?

Things kicked off over a year ago, when I reluctantly did a photo shoot as a Blade look-a-like for a shoot called “Welcome to the House of Pain”, which was an alliance between Blade and Selene from Underworld. By the end of the shoot I loved doing it. So I carried on initially as a look-a-like making various appearances. Then I was invited to The MCM Expo in October 2013 and loved the reception I received from everyone there. I started my path as a professional Cosplayer as there was a gap in the market for male professional Cosplayers here in the United Kingdom.

What’s your favorite part about being Blade?

Bringing the character to life and bringing him to the people, and just keeping Blade in the mind of people and not letting him fade away. Getting my stunts and action done well is one thing I am very particular about as I love doing them; also ensuring that everything is organic and as realistic as possible.

Heck it is great fun being The Daywalker.

When you’re not busy slaying vampires, what do you do in your daily life?

When I am not stalking the night for bad megalomaniac Vampires, I am a professional martial artist and study under the Frank & Jeff Massar Taekwondo Association. Also, I am a professional stunt fight coordinator, choreographer and professional Blade look-a-like and stuntman. My fighting style is Taekwondo, and as for weapons I use swords, bow sticks, short sticks, batons and an assortment of rifles and small arms.

Blade Action

Photography by Project Sagittarius

Do you make your own costumes?

I have the wonderful owner of the costume company Lola Wants (Natalie Watterson) as my personal costume maker – my Battle Gear maker, I like how that sounds better – who makes and maintains my costume and outfits. Currently, she is designing new Battle Gear for me, as I am useless at things like that, but have good and clear ideas of what I want.

You’re working on a project called Daywalker Reborn. What can you tell us about that?

It is not so much a film project but my drive and push to becoming the next Blade. Based on what people have said to me, there is a void and now a place for a new Blade film, and I want to be the next and new Blade. Being that I am very similar to the original character, I would make a good choice for any subsequent new films, ergo I have embarked on a campaign to be the rebooted Blade. I have been preparing myself and body to take up the mantle of Blade, The Daywalker. Fans agree that I should go for it and are giving me their support for my undertaking. Being successful would show people that the world of cosplay and cosplayers are a force to be reckoned with. There are quite a few Cosplayers I believe would do great in films too.

What kind of events and conventions do you attend? Which will you be attending this year?

I attend MCM, LFCC, Knightcon, Defcon and LSCC on a regular basis, and any others that I am invited to make a guest appearance. Currently, I am working on getting to do a tour of American conventions.

Your portrayal of Blade is amazingly spot-on. How do you achieve that level of accuracy?

It involves me watching the films over and over, picking up little things in the way he moves, how he is poised when he fights. Then the big and signature things, like how he lands after a jump, how he jumps, big fight movements and signature poses. I also have to learn these movements, and do them over and over until I am so used to doing them that it becomes nearly second nature. As for the look, I just got lucky I guess as we just happen to look very similar.

You can follow The Daywalker on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Blade Crouch

Photography by Shinigami Photography