Coming Soon to 3D TV

January 10, 2013 0 By EVA

3D technology is huge. Some love it, some hate it, but either way you have to admit – it’s pretty damn cool. With 3D televisions hitting the market in the last few years, and the advances made in Real D technology on the big screen, you would think these things are selling like hot cakes; however, they are not.

It’s unfortunate, but the one thing 3D seems to lack is synergy. They have yet to streamline their capabilities which is why 3D TV’s have not made an overwhelming appeal to consumers. Why would you buy a television for the kick ass features when you can’t use those features? I know I wouldn’t, and I haven’t and I don’t plan to waste my money in the near future. If I spend the extra money to see a Real D movie in the theatres, at least it is going to deliver; but if I purchase that film on bluray and play it on a 3D television, I’m going to be in for a huge let down.

So, to create more interest in 3D technology for the small screen (Or maybe you have a big screen, to me size doesn’t matter) we are going to need more content for the medium. Lionsgate Film is ready to help out by using Samsung’s 3D image processing technology to create 3D home movie versions of some films you may already have in your DVD/Bluray collection, and they might actually be worth the upgrade!

Some of the titles that you can expect to see newly refurbished will be Gamer, Crank, Bangkok Dangerous (eye roll) and the super awesome film The Descent.

Now I would definitely want to watch The Descent in 3D in the comfort of my own home, so maybe they’ve reached the turn around point. I’m interested in seeing how far this technology can go, so I’ll admit that I am along for the ride. I guess the only remaining problem is the glasses…