Civil War #1: Whose Side Are You On?

Civil War #1: Whose Side Are You On?

March 23, 2015 0 By Steph Mernagh

The war never ended. This July, the battle rages on as this deadly conflict escalates to new heights in Civil War #1 – a new Secret Wars series where creators Charles Soule (Inhuman, Death of Wolverine) and Leinil Yu (Avengers) weave a new tale of hero versus hero – and a nation divided.

In an interview with, Charles Soule talked about the upcoming project and what it is going to mean for the new world that is coming to Marvel.

“The primary word I would use to describe this story is ‘big’. It takes the premise of the original – a superhero-focused internal battle – and expands it out to deliver the promise of the title. In this new story, the Civil Wars has been going on for a long time, and it involves all of use – the entire country – not just the superheroes.”

Soule went on to say that this is “Without a doubt this is the biggest thing I’ve ever done as far as story-scale. Lord of the Rings-style battles, almost every character you saw in the original Civil War plus more…” while expressing sympathies for Leinil Yu having to draw the epic story he has in mind before taking it all back saying that it will be ‘totally worth it.’

What is the top-secret Project Bellcurve and does it hold the key to ending the war in one swift stroke? What damning data could undo President Stark’s administration from within? And worst of all – what unseen enemies seek to exploit the Superhuman Civil War for their own gains? Find out one of the biggest stories in Marvel history is reborn on Battleworld in Civil War #1! Whose side are you on?

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