More Changes Hit The Marvel Universe

More Changes Hit The Marvel Universe

July 17, 2014 0 By Marc

The Captain America we all know and love will be stepping down soon to let someone else carry the shield.

Just announced on The Colbert Report, two heroes will go under a major change soon in the Marvel universe, notably Captain America. Steve Rogers will be stepping down to let his good friend Sam Wilson AKA The Falcon take over for him. This is all due to an attack by the Iron Nail, draining Rogers of his Super Soldier Serum and leaving him a frail old man.


This is the first African American to take over as the Captain in the Marvel Universe, but since Sam Wilson is Cap’s best friend, there is no better person to fill his shoes. Sam will be doing his best to ensure that justice will be held, and be a more than capable leader for the Avengers. But, Sam will not have the same outlook that Rogers did as a man born in the 30s trying to cope with a modern world. Sam, having grown up in more modern times and used to the daily trials that life holds, may turn a blind eye to certain things that Rogers would not.

This new shift will create a new comic The All New Captain America #1, which will debut this Fall.