Can The Fans Make Hellboy 3 a Reality?

Can The Fans Make Hellboy 3 a Reality?

September 30, 2014 0 By Marc

According to Ron Pearlman, YES!

Today Ron Pearlman did an AMA on Reddit to answer his fans questions. Obviously the one at the very top was a question about Hellboy 3.


Ron’s suggestion of the fan’s taking action was a very interesting one because “people are listening”. Is this a sign that the studios are ready to put some money down if there is enough fan need for a third film?

We have seen other films get made simply because the fans wanted them. Verionica Mars got a film for the die-hards who needed to see it one more time on screen, even Arrested Development got its time to shine because of the response that was given by the fans for one last season.

I say that if there is a chance for this to become reality, we should act now and get people excited for Hellboy and one last movie. The best way so far seems to be to tweet those in charge, @DarkHorseComics for starters, and might as well throw a tweet to @UniversalPics to get things started. If Guillermo del Toro had a Twitter I would say send one to him, but it looks like he keeps off the grid as much as he can.