Call of Drama: Bounced Cheques

Call of Drama: Bounced Cheques

October 29, 2014 0 By Marc

IGN announces that they will not be releasing their COD: Advanced Warfare review due to a cheque that won’t clear.

As everyone already knew, some online media get paid from certain game studios to publish articles, reviews, or just to build hype about a game. IGN is one of the biggest websites for reviews of video games and other like media, so it is no wonder that the larger companies would want to invest in getting their game reviewed on the site in order to bring people in to buy the game itself.

Recently IGN said that they were going to withhold their latest review of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare due to the cheque given to IGN for payment for the article had bounced. Damon Johnson the GM of IGN released a statement regarding the incident,

“We have had the review ready for about a week with a good enough score to make people think this is actually a next generation title. However, after checking our billing statements we were charged twenty five dollars from our offshore account for a bounced check from Activision. So the review is pending until this issue is fixed.”

Online sources say that Activation was reached regarding this incident and apparently it was just a mix up regarding which review was actually being paid for. The whole situation should be cleared up by the time the game is released on November 4th.

This entire situation brings up a very important thing in game journalism, how ethical is it for game companies to be able to pay a review site for a review of their latest game, and does that dollar amount influence the final score it gets? Most websites will say that no, it doesn’t influence the final score of the game no matter how many dollars are thrown at them. But as we have seen in the past, some larger entities online have been paid for positive reviews already. Not I am not saying that online media should not be paid for their work with certain gaming companies, but there should be a strong ethical standpoint that should be taken when reviewing so the dollars don’t inflate the final products review number.

With this all being said, we encourage readers out there that are going to get Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare to tell us your opinion of the game when it comes out on November 4th.

Does it pass or fail?