Behold the Most Epic Harley Quinn Cosplay Photo

Behold the Most Epic Harley Quinn Cosplay Photo

February 20, 2015 0 By Alanna Smith

They’ve done it again, folks.

Infamous cosplayers and clown royalty Joker’s Harley and Harley’s Joker have teamed up once again to bring us what is probably the most epic Harley Quinn cosplay photo of all time. Behold the awesomeness:

Clown on a Hot Tin Roof

Real life couple Anthony Misiano and Alyssa King are known for their villainous cosplays and incredibly spot on photographic recreations. My favourite thing is that, even though these two are often just cosplaying as the same two characters, they never get boring. Both visual artists themselves, the two have always managed to find new ways to impress and awe their growing audience of fans. This past year they brought two more iconic Joker images to life: Alex Ross’ “Tango with Evil” and Brian Bolland’s The Killing Joke cover.



This time around they didn’t try to recreate an iconic image, rather they decided to make their own from scratch. Cleverly titled “Clown on a Hot Tin Roof”, this new Harley poster shows just how crazy and, well, trigger-happy the Maiden of Mischief can be. The best thing about it though?

Everything in the image was photographed by Misiano.

I kid you not, friends. The roof, the skyline, every element was strategically shot and meticulously edited to create this perfect image. Even the helicopters were models that he shot. The helicopters. Who even does that?!


Harley Quinn cosplay poster

The amount of sheer work and talent that went into a thing like this is truly wicked. These two have gone from recreating an iconic image to becoming one.

If you’d like this incredible image to grace the walls of your comic book lair, posters are on sale at Alyssa’s Storenvy until March 10th.