Battle Strategy Meets Open Space in Solar Crusaders

Battle Strategy Meets Open Space in Solar Crusaders

April 24, 2015 0 By Steph Mernagh

If you have ever imagined a game that has the battle strategy of FTL with the open world gaming of EVE Online, you will not have to look any further than Solar Crusaders to get your fill. A top-down, multiplayer strategy game, Solar Crusaders brings a sandbox universe, simulated virtual economy, real-time battles and 4X gameplay elements. In the game, players will be able to control crews of customizable spaceships and space stations in a galaxy that is populated not only with other players, but A.I. controlled NPCs.

Solar Crusaders is currently in the early stages of being made by a Silicon Valley start up called Puremana Studios LLC which is run by Hilary Craven and Oliver Dyla. The pair have already found early success with the game, having it greenlit by the Steam community.

Now the pair have turned to Kickstarter to generate the additional funds needed to continue creating their game. With a team already in place, the money received from Kickstarter pledges will go towards a 3-month contract programmer that will help with debugging and code optimization, a 10-minute soundtrack and additional concept art.

A promising game already, the Kickstarter boasts three different playing methods for Solar Crusaders:

– Single-player Battle Simulations (similar to Star Citizens Arena Commander)
– Local Co-op (much like Minecraft where you host the server yourself for up to 64 players over LAN)
– Connect to Official Online Game Universe (much like an MMO, persistent universe with up to 8000+ players)

For single player and local co-op, there will never be a fee to play and if you pledge $30 or more, you will never have to pay a fee at all. For the Online Game Universe, there will likely be a $5/month fee to play online, but there will be promotions offered from time to time.

Hilary Craven and Oliver Dyla are well on their way to putting together a fantastic game that players may be able to enjoy by next year. Please consider supporting them on their Kickstarter if you can, or consider sharing the article to get the word out. Every little bit helps.