Homecoming ain’t easy: Ash vs. Evil Dead Season 2

Homecoming ain’t easy: Ash vs. Evil Dead Season 2

October 2, 2016 0 By Gary

Is there anything off limits to the creative team behind Ash Vs. Evil Dead? “The answer is no,” said Rob Tapert, long time executive producer of the Evil Dead Universe at San Diego Comic Con.

After the orgy of demonic excess that was season 1, fans have high expectations for the show’s sophomore season, which premieres today, Sunday October 2nd at 8 PM on STARZ in the United States, and Superchannel here in Canada.

In season 2 Ash gets to go home, but the reception he receives may not be the one  fans expect; y’see, the folks in Ash’s hometown  never saw Evil Dead the movie. They don’t know about the whole Necronomicon Ex-Mortis, and the whole raising of the dead in the woods thing.

They believe that Ash, or Ashy Slashy as he’s become known in the urban legend, straight up murdered those other kids, so they aren’t exactly welcoming him back with open arms.

“Ash going home informs his character,” continued Tapert. “He’s at his best when going up against authority,” which is something fans will see in spades this season with the introduction of Lee Majors as Ash’s father.

Majors lends massive credibility to the show, famous for his role as the Six Million Dollar Man, and many others. Given Ash’s physical “enhancements,” fans can expect some references to that iconic role: “I didn’t know horror could be so funny,” he said.


“Ash wants to impress his dad,” said Lucy Lawless of Xena: Warrior Princess fame, and Ruby on Ash vs. Evil Dead. “But he just cannot seem to do it.” It’s a humourous nod to Ash’s past; he tries, but he always seems to fall just short. (Clatu, Verata, Nikto anyone?)

If you haven’t watched the show, it’s a good time to jump on board. It’s liberating to see a hero who isn’t perfect. The thing that resonates about Ash Williams is that given the right circumstances he could be any one of us. “Today, nobody lets heroes make mistakes,” said Bruce Campbell. “Iron man isn’t going to screw up like Ash will; Spider-man won’t make any boneheaded decisions.”

Real people make mistakes, and that’s why Ash is so much fun to watch. It’s why the character has lived such a long and colourful life on both movie and TV screens.

If you haven’t seen Ash vs. Evil Dead, DVR tonight’s season premiere, and grab the season 1 Blu-Ray to catch up, because not only will you get all the episodes, but “there’s so much behind the scenes footage. It’s all the usual crap. Except better.”

If those words that came out of Bruce Campbell’s facehole can’t convince you to pick up that Blu-Ray, nothing will.


Thanks to the Ash vs. Evil Dead creative team for talking to me at San Diego Comic Con.

Season 2 starts tonight at 8 PM on STARZ in the United States, and Superchannel here in Canada.