5 Actors Who Could Play Daredevil

5 Actors Who Could Play Daredevil

April 3, 2014 1 By Michael MacPherson

Who will fill the shoes of Matt Murdock in the new Daredevil series by Netflix? Here’s our top five choices.

Recently it was announced that Drew Goddard (Cabin in the Woods, Lost and Buffy the Vampire Slayer writer) would be the front runner to the new Daredevil series that will be premiering on Netflix that will be released in 2015. Now the stage is set to begin casting for Daredevil himself, and we’ve compiled a list of our five favorites that would bring the right justice to the character.

Michael C. Hall

Hall would be a perfect and natural fit as Matt Murdock. He has been heavily rumored for the role, and with his pedigree with being able to play heavy, dark roles he could easily anchor another show with a dark, brooding lead. Well-known for playing Dexter who was labeled as a dark avenger and taking care of those who fall outside the law and meet his code, one can see some of Matt Murdock in Dexter’s beliefs. Both characters work in the justice trade; Dexter as a blood spatter analyst and Murdock as a prosecution lawyer. Hall has proven capable in carrying fight scenes and has shown he’s a multi-faceted actor with the ability to take on such a large role. While some say that the actor is simply too old, taking an established take on the character would be a great choice instead of going down the well-journeyed path of telling another origin story.

 Damian Lewis

Another Showtime alumni coming off a successful run on a show that required the actor to play a very physical role coupled with a suffering, dark history to his character Nick Brody on Homeland. One large requirement to play Matt Murdock is to be able to play a character with great intelligence and this is something that I believe Lewis and Hall would excel at given their past success. Lewis would be perfect as he has played a tortured soul, damaged and broken but strong enough to continue on and attempt to be a hero. His turn on Homeland would definitely check off any boxes required to play Daredevil and of course it doesn’t hurt that Lewis has naturally red hair just like Murdock. Much like Hall, Lewis would fit the bill perfectly and assuage any doubters who may still be hurting from the memory of Ben Affleck.

jglJoseph Gordon-Levitt

The chances of getting JGL for the role are slim to nil, but I really think would be a great choice, especially if Marvel wanted to go the younger up and coming lawyer/vigilante route. JGL is no stranger to physical action as he played John Blake in Dark Knight Rises and did have quite the inspired fight scene in Inception prior to that. He commits to his roles and would learn anything necessary to excel in the role of Daredevil. When it comes down to the dramatic side of the role, he has built quite the resume playing a variety of characters, none necessarily in that same vein as Matt Murdock, but he certainly has no shortage of range to play any character he’s given. If they follow a younger Murdock, JGL would be the best choice to bring him to life.

Garrett Hedlund

Now I know the Tron: Legacy stars name tends to get dropped a lot when rumours fly for comic book characters or potential big budget films, but the fact remains is that he is a solid up-and-coming actor and has a proven track record of solid work. He would have no trouble at all with the physical side of the role; with Tron on his resume he is capable of taking on fight and action sequences and wearing skin tight lycra suits isn’t anything new. He is not as big of a star as the others above him which could keep costs down on the show, but he is a very skilled actor and would be able to bring Matt Murdock’s younger crime fighting days to the small screen.

Joel Kinnaman

For me, this feels like a dream match-up. Kinnaman is coming off a reasonable amount of success playing Robocop where most of his face is hidden like Daredevil, and he is old enough where he could play Matt Murdock right in his prime. Kinnaman has no problem pulling off fight scenes and action as seen in Robocop and his brief scene in Safe House with Ryan Reynolds. His role on The Killing also proves that he is capable to take on the dramatic side, as he played a police officer with a lot of baggage and executed the role well. Also, Kinnaman is a big guy standing at just over 6’2″ so he could be physically imposing as well to strike fear into criminals of Hells Kitchen.
Who do you think should play the superhero? It’s hard to forget how badly Hollywood let us down with Ben Affleck’s rendition of the character, but here’s to hoping the Netflix series will turn those doubts around.