2017: The Year of 3D Tech

2017: The Year of 3D Tech

December 15, 2016 0 By EVA

Whilst there has been plenty of hype about how 3D in our movie theatres would help us get closer to the action, such technologies have often proved to be a little underwhelming. 2017 is already looking like it’s going to be a breakthrough year for 3D technology with everything from 3D printing to online slots games feeling the benefit of endeavours that will have many exciting consequences.

3D printing has been with us for many years, but it’s only recently that technologies have become advanced enough to facilitate medium to large-scale projects. Thanks to new durable printing materials and cheaper printers, everything from furniture to vehicles are starting to be assembled in ever greater quantities.

2016 has already seen entire houses in China being printed using this revolutionary technology, and so it poses the question of whether there is anything that 3D printers won’t be able to create.

As production costs get cheaper and the printing methods become more widespread, it’s expected that 3D printers will become consumer items. This has become a real possibility with a Vancouver start-up allowing us to use our mobile phones to help create all manner of 3D printed clothing and footwear.


It’s the way that mobile devices interact with 3D technology that illustrates how this revolutionary concept could really take off in 2017. 

3D has already been a big feature of the current gaming landscape with one company allowing you to print off three-dimensional versions of your favourite gaming items and characters.

And seeing as the niche gaming genres at Betway allow casino fans to get your teeth into the online slots with innovative 3D gameplay, it shows how most of our modern entertainments will start to take the 3D route.

But it’s not just gamers starting to take their Minecraft creations into the real-world that shows how quickly things are changing, as even some of the world’s biggest social media providers are starting to explore the 3D possibilities.

Snapchat recently hinted out how they are planning to bring the slightly scary concept of 3D selfies to our smartphones. And what’s weirder is that these 3D characters of ourselves could even be used as part of a character-driven game as the brand aims to expand its entertainment horizons beyond rainbow-vomiting selfies.

So with everything from our selfies to online slots games and even entire houses making the most of 3D concepts, it looks like 2017 will provide plenty of thought-provoking uses of this revolutionary technology.