Nintendo Profits From Chinese Console Ban Lift

Nintendo Profits From Chinese Console Ban Lift

January 11, 2014 0 By Marc

China’s ruling state council dissolved the long standing console ban this week, and Nintendo seems to be coming out on top.

Since 2000, there has been a ban on Nintendo and Sony being able to sell their consoles in China based on a ban placed on consoles that were “corrupting” the youth with video games. Just this week that ban was overturned and gamers were able once again to buy consoles and play the latest games.

One of the biggest victors is this ban lift isn’t just the gamer, but Nintendo. So far Nintendo has seen a 4.38% rise in their shares, and a projected¬†¬•100 billion in full-year operating profit.

This is amazing news for Nintendo considering over the past few years they have been losing the North American console war to Microsoft and Sony. This will allow Nintendo to put a firm grasp on the Asian market, and allow their existing strong foothold in Japan to grow into China’s Shanghai free-trade zone.