Sony Announces Cloud Gaming Service

Sony Announces Cloud Gaming Service

January 11, 2014 0 By Marc

Sony has announced a new cloud service that can be used to stream games and TV to the PS4, PS3, Vita, televisions, tablets and smartphones.

Sony decided to drop this bombshell at CES 2014 and the buzz is on for this new service that could bring new life to gaming and streaming services. Sony is using Gaikai, a cloud gaming service that was talked about during the release of the PS4 to bring gamesĀ  to portable devices and the availability to stream games to the PS4 and PS3 without the need to download them at all.

So far The Last of Us was available to play with the streaming service and was tested out to play in Vegas at CES 2014.

This technology is a huge innovation from Sony that will add to the evolving lifestyle of being able to access your games wherever you want whenever you want. Gamers will able to play their favorites as they travel, commute or simply just from another room in their home.

The cloud will also be able to save your games and additional content that will become available for games. This will eliminate the possibility of people maxing out the space on their hard drives and only using it for the most important of things.

It will be exciting to see where Sony takes this technology in the year to come.