Yellow Jacket Revealed for Marvel’s Ant-Man

Yellow Jacket Revealed for Marvel’s Ant-Man

December 29, 2014 0 By Steph Mernagh

In the newest promo art to be released, we get a good look at Ant-Man’s enemy, Yellow Jacket.

A couple of months ago, an image appeared online that seemed to be Ant-Man’s enemy, Yellow Jacket but Halo-esque character was never confirmed as such. Now, with a new promo art banner from Marvel we get to see an artists rendition of Yellow Jacket and it does seem to bare a resemblance to the photo that was released previously.

In other Ant-Man news, the film wrapped production on December 3rd and a trailer has been classified as of December 23rd. What does that mean, exactly? Usually when a trailer is classified, it will begin appearing online, on televisions and in theatres within a week or two of its classification. Due to the timing though, we may not see the fist teaser of the film until at least early 2015, perhaps when Agent Carter premieres on January 6th. Either way, Marvel knows its fans are always hungry for new glimpses of upcoming projects, and surely they won’t disappoint.