The Walking Dead “Inmates” Recap

The Walking Dead “Inmates” Recap

February 16, 2014 0 By Steph Mernagh

The prison is gone and the survivors have been split–Daryl is, unfortunately, stuck with the one person you don’t want to be stuck with during a zombie apocalypse. Beth. WARNING: Full spoilers for The Walking Dead episode, “Inmates”.

The one person that has been a glorified babysitter and a general annoyance for a season and a half now has to pretend like she knows what she’s doing when it comes to surviving. Luckily for her, Daryl is with her and that pretty well ensures her safety (unfortunately).

Beth is convinced that others have survived and that her and Daryl (mostly Daryl) have to track them down. So far their path leads them to dead bodies, but possibly in the direction of the other survivors we see; Tyreese, Lizzy, Mika, and Rick’s little girl Judith. A while back we made our predictions and one of the team accurately guessed that Tyreese would be the one to shoulder the massive burden of taking care of a baby and two children, one of whom is clearly psychotic.

Daryl contemplates how he could have possibly gotten stuck with Beth. Image Source: AMC

Daryl contemplates how he could have possibly gotten stuck with Beth.
Image Source: AMC

Judith’s cries repeatedly attract walkers and they have to keep moving; when Tyreese hears someone yelling for help and leaves the baby in the care of the two young girls we see exactly what Kirkman was saying when he said the season was going to be going a bit darker. Lizzy, in an effort to silence the baby, begins suffocating her even as walkers move in on their location. As if executing bunnies and not eating them wasn’t enough…

Luckily, before the walkers can consume the kids (or unfortunately, whatever way you look at it), Carol comes to the rescue, having come back to the prison just soon enough to have watched it’s downfall. They find Tyreese with the people he was unable to save, one of them telling the small group to keep to the tracks and they’ll find a safe zone. Indeed they do, a place called Terminus that has a sign that reads, “Sanctuary for all. Community for all. Those that arrive, survive.”

Nothing can possibly go wrong there, right?

We also see that Maggie, Bob and Sasha have made it out of the prison alive, but Maggie is obsessed with finding Glenn over searching for much needed supplies. When they find the bus that she last saw Glenn in, they discover that it is full of walkers. Luckily, Glenn isn’t one of them. He’s still back at the prison, where he wakes up after either collapsing or being knocked unconscious, just barely out of reach from a horde of walkers.

Glenn wakes up just out of reach of a horde.  Image Source: AMC

Glenn wakes up just out of reach of a horde.
Image Source: AMC

Once he collects himself he goes back inside to gather a bag full of necessities as well as Hershel’s pocket watch before venturing out into the horde in full riot gear. He’s nearly free from danger when he sees Tara, one of the Governor’s group, holed up in a fenced in area, looking shellshocked.

It’s not Glenn’s best decision but he knows he’s weak and will need to rely on someone to survive with until he gets better, so he makes Tara come with him. We see just how weak he is when he collapses fighting more walkers off but luckily, not only does Tara come to the rescue, but three faces from the comics do.

Last week we were told that three new characters would be joining the show and they’re straight off of the pages. They are Abraham, Dr. Eugene Porter, and Rosita Espinoza. For those that don’t read the comics, don’t worry, Glenn will be safe with them.

The big question in this weeks episode is what awaits Tyreese, Carol and the girls in Terminus? Does danger or safety await them? If we have learned anything from the Walking Dead, it’s that you can’t trust anyone.