Viz Media Announces Sailor Moon Crystal Set 1 Release Date

Viz Media Announces Sailor Moon Crystal Set 1 Release Date

May 7, 2016 0 By Hannah Broadbent
Viz Media

Viz Media

Get ready Sailor Moon fans because on August 16th Sailor Moon Crystal is coming out on DVD and Blu-ray. It’s another beautiful Sailor Moon item to add to your collection.

Viz Media, the biggest manga and anime distributor in North America, announced the gorgeous Sailor Moon Crystal Set 1 and its release date. On August 16th it will be available as a Limited Edition DVD/Blu-ray Combo Pack and as a multi-disc Standard Edition DVD set. Pre-orders for both sets are available right now, so hurry to your favorite outlet or online retailer and pre-order your set! Or hop over to to pre-order where you can receive a unique acrylic sun-catcher featuring the Sailor Scouts, but only while supplies last.

Sailor Moon fans will be able to enjoy the first 14 uncut episodes of the remastered show and an array of extra bonus features. It will also offer uncut English dub and Japanese subtitled dialogue for both formats.

The Limited Edition Combo Pack will include four discs, two DVD and two Blu-ray, seven full-color art cards, and a full-color art booklet packaged in a deluxe chipboard box. The discs include uncut episodes, bonus content (such as trailers and a digital art gallery), and a special “Introduction to Sailor Moon Crystal” featurette with the English voice actors.

The Standard DVD Set will have four discs with an O-card packaging, which will feature foil printing and a gorgeous illustrated design.

Follow Usagi Tsukino, a carefree teenage girl, as she learns that she is Sailor Moon, guardian of justice! Sailor Moon Crystal retells the story of Sailor Moon, as she looks for her fellow Sailor Guardians and the Legendary Silver Crystal to stop the dark forces of Queen Metalia.

Since this is the reboot of the classic anime series, this would be a great gift to get a friend if they have never seen Sailor Moon and if you want to share your love of the show with them.

The announcement of the Sailor Moon Crystal Set 1 coincides with Funko newest Pop Vinyl dolls. They just released their Sailor Moon series which includes Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask, and the inner sailor scouts. Of course Luna and Artemis come with their respective owners.

The Sailor Moon Crystal Set 1 Limited Edition DVD/Blu-ray combo pack will be priced at $79.99 U.S./$99.99 CAN while the Standard Edition DVD will be $39.99 U.S./$51.99 CAN.