TV Review – The Walking Dead:  ‘Scars’

TV Review – The Walking Dead: ‘Scars’

March 18, 2019 0 By Jeff Fountain


The mystery behind the scars on Michonne and Daryl are revealed, not to mention the mental scars Michonne, in particular, must be dragging around with her, in an episode that is filled with torture, fear, and excitement. ‘Scars’ was a welcome sight and not only explained many things but gave the story a jolt it needed as we approach the end of season nine.

We follow two story lines in this episode, both centers around Michonne losing Judith, albeit only for a brief time. One story is set in the here and now while the other in the past, not long after Rick Grimes died/disappeared. There are hard lessons to be learned for Michonne during both story lines but important ones, things that shaped her as a person and leader.

In the modern day part of the story, Daryl and his group show up to Alexandria looking for help. The tension is high as Michonne agrees to let them in, even though she doesn’t trust Lydia at all, Daryl’s word or no, as she is a stranger to her. In fact, in a conversation between the two, Michonne makes it clear that Lydia should head off on her own, letting everyone off the hook and ease the tension she has created. In reality, there is already tension here, Lydia is just a convenient target for Michonne’s distrust and anger.

Daryl’s group stays long enough to get Henry patched up and then they take their leave. Judith is more than a little pissed off, which is probably one of the reasons she likes talking to Negan, who has always been truthful with her. Michonne realizes this during another verbal attack on Negan, and the fact that Judith and Negan have gotten closer because of Michonne’s lack of interest in telling Judith more is a tough pill for Michonne to swallow.

The story line from the past begins with Michonne and Daryl still hunting for clues as to what happened to Rick. Michonne is not the bitter, hardened woman at this point, still pregnant and open minded. Everything changes when a group that includes a woman named Jocelyn, someone she knew back in the day, comes looking for help. A deeper investigation finds out the rest of this group consists mostly of children, something strange that should have raised more than a few eyebrows.

During their stay, the newcomers earn people’s trust and then suddenly one morning Judith is gone, people are dead a bunch of food is missing. Michonne and Daryl track the group only to be caught and discover that Jocelyn has pretty much lost her mind and turned this group of kids into her own little ‘Children of the Corn’ group. With their arms tied about their heads, Jocelyn instructs a boy and girl to brand both of them, thus answering the question about the scars. They escape and split up and this is where things really go insane.

Michonne confronts Jocelyn and she sends kids at her while the others try to escape. This leads to a decision for Michonne: do I really want to fight/kill kids? As it turns out yes because she has to save Judith and these kids are so far gone they aren’t coming back.

It’s a brutal scene, wonderfully cut to the modern day storyline where Michonne in killing the dead while searching for Judith, who has run off to help Daryl and his friends. Kids die, as does Jocelyn, and it’s a scene, combined with the lies and torture that makes you understand just where Michonne is now. Thankfully, she has a much-needed breakdown, as in the walls she has put up, while she has a disturbing and eye-opening conversation with Judith. This will make everything nice and friendly until the Whisperers come calling at the fair and everything goes to hell.

Besides the strange escape and Michonne and Daryl splitting up (because that always turns out well) this was a very well done episode. We have a much better insight into Daryl and especially Michonne, and a better grasp on just what has led them to where they are now. Let’s hope the last two episodes continue this trend and wrap the season up on a great, chaotic note.

Four stars out of five