The Walking Dead: Two Deaths and a Murder?

The Walking Dead: Two Deaths and a Murder?

March 15, 2015 0 By Steph Mernagh

This weeks episode of the Walking Dead began to amp up the suspense a little since we only have two episodes left in the season following this weeks airing of the episode, “Spend”, and we knew from last weeks previews that things were going to get a bit dicey. As we expected, they certainly did. Warning: Spoilers for the Walking Dead episode “Spend” to follow.

The first time Glenn went out on a run with Deanna’s son Aiden, it didn’t end well and it didn’t get any better this time. They head out for a warehouse to find some parts they can use to aide in the failing electrical grid, and while Aiden and Nicholas are interested getting a move on, Glenn and Noah scope out the place so that they have a plan B. Once inside, Eugene and Tara find the parts that are needed and collect them, but of course this run can’t go off without a hitch, not so close to the season finale. Aiden gets cornered by a walker wearing army issued tactical gear and shoots at it against Glenn’s advice, hitting a grenade that detonates. The blast sends Aiden’s body into some twisted metal and gives Tara a serious head wound.

Glenn Noah Aiden TWD

This episode is interesting because it is the first time we see Eugene come out of his shell enough to attempt to rescue Tara while the others are concerned with attempting to help Aiden. It’s then that we realize Alexandria is an ‘all for one and one for all’ only when there isn’t danger involved, and they have to abandon Aiden to save themselves. In what could be one of the most gruesome deaths this season, Aiden is seen screaming as the walkers tear into him, eating him alive.

The next death comes when Glenn, Nicholas and Noah all become trapped in a revolving door with walkers on either side of them. Luckily, Eugene comes to the rescue, but instead of waiting for Glenn to execute his plan, Chris squeezes through the door, opening it enough to expose the other two to the walkers still inside. They grab Noah and pull him out while he begs for Glenn, “Don’t let go…”. They press him up against the glass and Glenn is forced to watch as the young man is devoured as he screams. Most of the gore is hidden by the spurts of blood against the glass, but they made sure to include the walker that had his hand inside of his mouth and tore the kids cheek apart. These next gifs don’t show the gruesome death Noah faced, but instead the reaction of Glenn as he suffers through seeing Noah being ripped apart and knowing he could have done absolutely nothing more to save him.

Glenn, for some reason, lets Chris survive, knocking him out for the car ride back to Alexandria, where Carol and Rick find themselves in their own disaster of a situation. After grudgingly agreeing to teach Sam how to bake cookies, Carol comes to the conclusion that Pete may be abusing him, and is most likely abusing his wife, Jessie. Carol tells Rick to do the only thing that makes sense in the world they live in now, and that’s to murder him. Not that Rick would have said no… he did have that Shane moment in the last episode.

gabriel the walking dead

With Deanna being told by Father Gabriel that the group are a pack of devils (talk about wolf in sheep’s clothing, Father), what will her reaction be when the group comes back with news that her son has died? Will she cast them out, or will the survivors turn against Alexandria in an all out, winner takes all battle royale? Somehow I don’t think that it will be the latter, but that would be a great ending to a season. It all comes down to how Deanna will react about her sons death. She seems smart enough to know that her kid can be an idiot, but with news from Father Gabriel about them being devils, that could change the woman’s perception of our survivors.

Harvey Dent said it best in the Dark Knight, “You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.” But in the world of the Walking Dead you have to do what you can to survive.