The Walking Dead Speculation

The Walking Dead Speculation

August 3, 2013 0 By Steph Mernagh

Will we see The Saviors this season?

We are, unfortunately, at the end of the season (and probably in some kind of withdrawal) with AMC’s The Walking Dead, a show that has become largely popular with readers of the comic book and new fans alike. Now one has to wonder: will we see the Saviors in season four? There are comic book spoilers ahead, so if you haven’t read up to issue number 100 yet, please proceed with caution!

The Saviors were introduced in Volume 16: A Larger World, encompassing issues 91 through 96 of the Walking Dead comics. First mentioned by a member of the Hilltop Colony, The Saviors are comprised of a large group of survivors that have made a factory their home, generally consisting of survivors that had more violent tendencies. They all may have met at the Hilltop Colony as individual survivors that later formed a group that went on to negotiate a deal with Hilltop members for half their rations in turn for protecting them from walkers and outside threats.


Whether the writers of The Walking Dead will pursue the Saviors line following the inevitable end of the prison line is yet to be determined, but they play a pivotal role when they meet up with Rick’s group. Led by Negan, the two groups clash and both sides suffer casualties, people are divided and experience loss along the way. The Saviors have a tremendous impact on our Atlanta survivors and some are never the same after the two groups clash.

Season four was announced late December, 2012 and everyone’s first day back to filming was Monday May 6th 2013. Now that we know how season three ends and that the Governor is still very much alive and our group of survivors are still residing in the prison, it seems unlikely that we will see the Saviours anytime soon, but Rick’s group do seem to actively be looking for another place to go. Will this be the beginning of the Alexandria safe zone arc?

What are your thoughts?