The Walking Dead Recap: Prey

The Walking Dead Recap: Prey

March 17, 2013 0 By Steph Mernagh

On this weeks The Walking Dead and with only two episodes left to go in season three, we see precious little into the time Michonne and Andrea spent together before being discovered by the Governor’s cronies. As always, FULL SPOILERS AHEAD.

The conversation is short but we do find one thing out about Michonne; that the walkers she kept on leashes were more monsters in life than they were in death, which is saying something. Following this scene, we are moved back into present day to Woodbury and also to the towns one-eyed, hot headed, violent leader.

The scene the Governor is setting up shakes the comic book lover of the same series in me to my bones; this is the place where the Governor plans to torture Michonne, and that much is evident by the chains and various instruments of torture he lays out on a table before being interrupted by Milton. It’s obvious that Milton is concerned with the levels that the Governor is taking his idea of revenge, but he ultimately backs down like the coward he’s been consistently portrayed as.

Andrea, however, seems to still have the idea of an assassination in mind, and is narrowly thwarted by Milton. Instead, she plans to leave Woodbury for the prison, briefly scuffling with Tyreese and Sasha before making an exit. We see that Tyreese is still a horrible shot, and that they aren’t very swayed by Andrea’s warnings about the Governor; unfortunately they do not accompany her to the prison. They actually report her leaving to the Governor, which, obviously, is a bad idea. The Governor snaps into action to go get her, shaking Milton down for answers before leaving to go ‘get her’.


Definitely slasher film-esque.

Tyreese and Sasha seem to be at odds with the other Woodbury survivors, obviously quite shaken by what Andrea has told them, and they face off against Martinez and his crew in a small spat before going out to the ‘Biter Pit’ to gather up the walkers they’ll likely use in the upcoming war with the prison survivors. Tyreese is obviously upset with what they plan on doing with the walkers and again voices his displeasure, only serving to rile Allen up who nearly ends up being fed to the walkers in Tyreese’s violent outburst. Then again, Allen deserved it because he’s acting like a jerk…

Meanwhile, Andrea has been trying to make it to the prison with the Governor hot on her trail. Luckily for her, he drives a big, loud, obnoxious truck that announces it’s presence from half a mile down the road. Still, he manages to track her to a warehouse in between the prison and Woodbury where Andrea attempts to hide and everything begins to put the viewer on edge. The whole warehouse scene is like a classic slasher flick; the girl hiding in the dark from the killer, trying not to make noise and failing miserably, and the might-be-killer whistling a joyous tune.

Back outside of Woodbury and under the cover of night, someone arrives at their Biter Pit with gasoline. Dousing both the biters in the horse trailer they’d rounded up earlier and the ones in the pit, the walkers are left to burn by an unidentified assailant. The next morning Martinez finds the corpses, some still alive (strangely, I would have thought the fire would destroy the brains but I guess not) and burnt to a crisp at the bottom of the Biter Pit.


Walker BBQ anyone?

The Governor eventually finds Andrea but the young woman has an ace up her sleeve, opening a door and using it to protect herself, releasing a dozen or so walkers on the shocked Governor. She escapes and continues on her way to the prison—it’s in her sights and she’s so close she can taste it when the Governor seems to appear out of damn near nowhere (did anyone else jump at this point?) before Rick, who is patrolling in the watchtower of the prison, can see her.

Back at Woodbury, the Governor shares with everyone that unfortunately, Andrea hasn’t been found. He finds out about an incident at the Biter Pit It’s unfortunate for her then when we realize that she is now in the makeshift torture chamber of the Governor’s, strapped to a chair and gagged, no one the wiser of her location. Will she survive the next episode? Hopefully she’ll come out of this a stronger person, more like the comics, but we’ll have to tune in next week to see.