The Walking Dead Recap “Not Tomorrow Yet”

The Walking Dead Recap “Not Tomorrow Yet”

March 6, 2016 0 By Marc

Season 6 is winding down to a close and it is setting us up for one of the biggest heartbreaks of the season, but the question still remains who it will be.

The first portion of this week’s episode is very Carol-centric showing her new role in the community, she is the town mom. She is not a mother in the traditional sense, but more-so showing herself as a motherly figure that watches over everyone and ensures their overall happiness and wellbeing. Carol still shows remorse for the loss of Sam, even though no fan of the show misses him whatsoever. It is always worrisome when they give one of the main characters too much screen time, considering what happened the last time they gave T-Dogg one too many lines of dialogue.  Regardless though Carol finally sheds off the fact that she will never be with Daryl and shows her true feelings for Tobin.


Outside of Carol we also get an interesting look into the changes of both Morgan and Gabriel this episode. Both characters are incredibly pro-life anti murder, and will do what they can to ensure they save a life rather than take. We see Gabriel throw this away completely in order to not only get over his fear of death, but also prove himself as a capable member of the group. Rick asks him plainly why he still wears his suit and collar, Gabriel calmly mentions that it is “who he used to be”. Gabriel is slowing becoming one of the least useful members, and moving himself into an effective member of the group.

As far as Morgan is concerned, he is struggling more and more with not killing in a world full of death. He pleaded his case in the church to the other members, but ultimately lost to Rick more decisive judgement to attack the Saviors before they get attacked themselves. Morgan obviously does not travel with the group to the Saviors compound, but instead sets himself with another task. He builds a new cage, much like the one that Eastman had in his home. It sets up the theory that either Morgan is going to do to Rick what Eastman did for him, or Morgan is going to try and revert back to his primal killing nature so he can actually help the group do what needs to be done.


The largest part of this episode was the assault of the Saviors compound and the rescue of the Hilltop prisoner. The entry to the compound goes as planned, they get a walkers head that looks like Gregory’s, kill the guards at the front and save the prisoner. The plan of killing the Saviors in their sleep also works for the most part, even if it cost Glenn the last bit of innocence he had left. Glenn had never had to kill for the sake of killing it was always in defense, he managed to save Heath from having to do it, staying his blade and killing the man himself. The downfall of the mission happened when Abraham and Sasha is discovered and an alarm is tripped and all hell breaks loose inside the close quarters of the compound. When all is said and done though the group comes out on top, eliminating the majority of the Saviors, and locating their armory (which Glenn and Heath put to good use). Everything has been going smoothly, too smoothly for a Walking Dead episode.

With that being said a lone member of the Saviors attempts to escape on a motorcycle, the group takes him down, and Daryl tackle the guy demanding to know where he got the bike from. As that happens we hear a voice on a radio near the man, a female voice demanding they drop their weapons, and also she needs to talk to them about a Maggie and Carol. This moment sets up the final 4 episodes of the season and the eventual loss of one of the main cast members.

The big question is who it could be at this point because there are so many options. Carol is one due to the fact she has been so protective of the group and of Maggie especially, she could end up sacrificing herself in order to protect Maggie. Daryl is another choice as well, considering he blew up a large chunk of the Saviors with an RPG. Abraham has been itching for death for an entire season now, and there is the chance he sacrifices himself or either Rosita or Sasha. There is also the option of Morgan, his attempt at talking to the Saviors could spell out his demise. Then there is Glenn, the one we know dies horribly in the comics to Negan, and there was that large foreshadowing with Glenn looking at the Polaroid’s on the wall of one of the Saviors rooms with their heads smashed in. It was always said as well that the best characters always get the most gruesome and memorable deaths. I am sure that we will see something spectacularly horrible come the end of season 6.