The Walking Dead Recap: Home

The Walking Dead Recap: Home

February 18, 2013 0 By Steph Mernagh

There are FULL spoilers for the episode below!

This weeks episode of The Walking Dead titled “Home” is nothing short of a roller-coaster ride through a damned zombie apocalypse.

Rick, still the grieving husband for a less-than-great wife, continues to see Lori everywhere, going so far as leaving the front gates open as he ventures out to see her outside the safe perimeter. Luckily from a distance Michonne is watching his every move and makes sure everything is secure while Rick goes off following a vision of Lori; even in death she still might get Rick killed…


No one ever told Rick to stay out of the long grass.

A slight turning point in Rick’s break in sanity comes when he tells Hershel he knows they are only visions, but he’s adamant they are trying to tell him something and confides in Hershel. The older man has been a constant in Rick’s life for the past little while now, and he takes in Rick’s information free of judgement, but is still not able to convince Rick to come back to the group that need him.

Inside we see what a prison free of Rick’s leadership is turning into; while it’s great to see Glenn adapting to not having Rick there to lead them, I don’t think he’s strong enough for the leadership role yet. With time and a little more rationality I think it’s entirely possible for him to move into said role, but right now I think Hershel said it best, “This rage. It’s goin’ to get you killed.”

We didn’t see much of Woodbury this week other than the Governor trying to temporarily promote Andrea to his position while he collects himself following the loss of his daughter (still doesn’t explain the fish tanks, buddy) but I don’t think she’s even buying it and tries to keep tabs on him as much as he does on her via Milton who, by the way, is an absolutely terrible liar, but it was a source of good humor.

Finally, we see what the Dixon brothers have gotten themselves into; hungry and Daryl both pining for the other survivors as well as worrying about the Governor’s attack that Merle is so adamant about. Tracking a noise they hear while in the brush they come across a family being attacked (and for a minute there, I was really hoping for a Miguel and Company reunion, but I was not that lucky) whom Daryl willingly helps and Merle tries to rob. There’s gore galore on the bridge as Daryl beats a walkers head in with his crossbow then uses the hatchback of the car to crush some walker skull for some serious carnage. Following this, the writers turn focus to the brothers dynamic a little bit more, and we find out that they were originally going to rob the camp in the middle of the night, along with a little bit more of their backstory. Things and times changed, and Daryl decides to go back to the prison, whether or not Merle comes too.


Maybe this will shake a little crazy out of him.

We see Maggie and Glenn attempt to hash it out but she pushes him away and I’m pretty sure I felt as hurt as Glenn did; I know I’m not alone in hoping those two work their very obvious problems out. We also get a glimpse into Axel’s past and why he’s in the prison as well as a little bonding time with Carol before he meets his inevitable end, gunned down by the Governor coming for revenge.

In possibly the most exciting scene of the season we see the Governor’s attack on the prison, keeping in with the overall feeling of a fast paced third season thus far. Luckily those Dixon brothers seem to show up just in time! I’ll admit, the plan of attack with the truck full of walkers was a great idea; now the survivors have to pay them back by tearing down Woodbury walls and setting walkers on the entire town. I think Season 1 Rick would have been against the loss of innocent lives but I think now Rick would exact revenge and not care who gets in the way.

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