The Walking Dead “Heads Up” – Review

The Walking Dead “Heads Up” – Review

November 22, 2015 0 By Marc

Spoilers ahead, you have been warned.

So what more do I have to say, the thing that everyone wanted to happen, happened. We finally get to find out what the hell happened to Glenn, and its about time!

We get the flashback of the fall, the blood, the gore and the sadness that one of our favourite cast members had been killed off in the most unimpressive way ever. But then we get to see what happened after, and for those who “called it” yes now is the time you get to gloat to all of your friends that you were right all along. With Glenn being the tiny guy that he is, managed to squeeze himself out of harms way and under the dumpster to escape the hoard of walkers around him. He killed those he could, and sat waiting silent, and still until the walkers moved on.


What we get next though… is something that was either filler, or they just had to use the character before people forgot about her. Glenn runs into Enid, and has to play “calm down the emotional teenager” so they can get back to Alexandria and reunite with everyone. I wont spend any more time on them because it was a little annoying and there were much bigger plot lines that needed to be followed up on.

In Alexandria, we see the group trying to get back to some kind of normal even though the town in surrounded by walkers.Rick follows up on his word to teach Ron how to shoot a gun, and Carl finds it his place to reaffirm everything his father is saying to Ron. We all know Ron has it in for Carl… and giving him a gun wont make anything better. Even though Ron doesn’t show it, we all know he blames both Rick and Carl for what happened to his family, no matter how terrible his father was.

A large theme in this episode was all about telling the members of the group who were not doing as they needed, or didn’t have their heads in the game to essentially get their shit together. The first was Morgan, confronted by Rick and Michonne due to his actions on letting go some of the Wolves, and his resolve not to kill. I strongly do believe that Morgan will do everything he can not to kill, but there will be a time where he has no choice and he will pull that trigger. There is also Eugene getting told off by Rosita about his lack of initiative when it comes to trying to survive and his horrible habit of cowardice when things get real. Eugene has been alive only due to the efforts of his friends, and this will only take him so far. One that seemed to get thrown in there this episode was Spencers stupidity in order to help the group try and lure walkers away, he almost cost his own life and possibly the life of Tara, Rick laid into Spencer and Tara as well for their recklessness, he can’t risk losing the both of them.


All this drama comes about due to the fact that right now they are safe and sound within the walls of Alexandria. The high walls give them saftey from the walkers, and the ability to look out to see if any danger approaches. But if something catasrophic happens, they will need to come together and be strong as a team, not as individuals. Half the team at this time is still missing, Sasha, Abraham and Daryl have not made it back yet, and Glenn and Enid are stuck outside of the walls due to the walkers. Glenn manages to signal his arrival due to some convenient balloons Enid found, but there is no way they can get to each other.

As the episode closes, the one thing everyone has anticipated would happen since the beginning of the episode and the first plank of wood fell. The church tower that is right outside of the walls came crumbling down due to the damage it sustained in the attack. It leaves the next episode up in the air, and we are sure to lose at least one face due to the incoming walkers. The survivors only chance to make it out alive will be to work together, and hope the others can come help as soon as possible.

There are only 4 episodes left in the season, and we have had no tell of who the next big bad guy will be. The rumours have been confirmed that the two survivors that stole Daryl’s bike were Dwight and Honey, and they know all about Alexandria. Will we see the saviours come in the next few episodes and possibly save the day, or will the group just figure it out like they always do. Leave it to the show runners to keep the fans on their toes.