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Interview: Liam O’Donnell

by Jeff Fountainon October 29, 2017
Recently we had a chance to talk with writer/director Liam O’Donnell about life in the movie business and his new film Beyond Skyline. Did you always want to be a part of this crazy movie business or did you discover that interest later on? Liam: I think it’s a bit of both, to be honest. […]

Star Trek Discovery Review: Discomfort For All in ‘Choose Your Pain’

by Jeff Fountainon October 16, 2017
As we hit episode five, Star Trek: Discovery has begun to spread its wings a bit, giving us multiple storylines that fit perfectly with the title ‘Choose Your Pain’, delving into the physical and mental stress that some of these people are under and what they do to combat it. Captain Lorca is front and […]


Movie Review: “Caught” is a Home Invasion Movie with a Creepy Twist

by Jeff Fountainon April 5, 2017
To be honest, home invasion movies have become rather pedestrian in the last few years, with a few critical and commercial hits spawning far too many inferior copies. However, every now and again a movie breaks out of the regular mold and gives us something a little different, and that’s exactly what happened with “Caught”. […]

2016 Film Release Calendar

by Marcon January 13, 2016
2016 is upon us and some amazing films have already been released (The Revenant, Diablo), there are still a ton coming out and it will be an exciting year. Below is a list of all the 2016 releases so you have no excuse to miss any of them! January 2016 Releases Jan 8 The Revenant […]

What Is Into The Badlands, And Why We Need It

by Marcon November 22, 2015
AMC Brings us something that seems to not do well on other networks, but may work this time around. 

Interview with actress Tracey Birdsall

by Jeff Fountainon November 1, 2015
From television to modelling to movies, Tracey Birdsall has done it all and with numerous projects coming out in the next year, shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. We had a chance to talk to Tracey about her long career so far and what drives her in such a tough and competitive industry. You […]

Interview: A Chat With Actors From the New TV Series The Expanse

by Jeff Fountainon September 15, 2015
The Expanse is a new science fiction drama set to debut this December on the SyFy channel, based on the popular book series. We had a chance to talk to actors Steven Strait, Cas Anvar and Florence Faivre about the show while they were promoting it at Toronto’s Fan Expo. Can you tell me a […]

Mulan: Revelations #1: A Promising Re-Vamp on Traditional Folklore

by Laura Cerroneon June 17, 2015
The story of Mulan is one that transcends time. Most of us will know it by the popular 90’s Disney film (and our love for the film has only grown since Mulan’s voice actor Ming-Na Wen is kicking butt on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.), Mulan’s story is lifted from the glory days of dynasty-controlled China to […]