Review – Star Trek: Discovery – ‘Saints of Imperfection’

Review – Star Trek: Discovery – ‘Saints of Imperfection’

February 16, 2019 0 By Jeff Fountain


I came away with three main points from ‘Saints of Imperfection’: Tilly is without a doubt the heart and soul of Discovery, Michelle Yeoh and Anson Mount are perfect as Georgiou and Pike and the show is still struggling to find its identity, even with this being yet another episode stuffed with storylines.

Of course, no one believed Tilly was dead after being sucked into the cocoon last week. Turns out she was transported, by the creepy and annoying May, to the mycelial network/spore world where she/it has plans for her. Stamets comes up with a risky rescue plan and so he and Michael travel to the spore world to try and save Tilly.

What they found, besides Tilly, of course, was the so-called monster that was destroying May’s world was in fact none other than Dr. Hugh Culber. Yes, there is a very Trek explanation for how this is possible, and to be fair it’s not bad, but in the end, it was nice to see him back. He and Stamets are quite the team and their reunion was really well done, although that and the verbally trying to figure out how to get back to Discovery was a little long for me. Figure out the problem, discover the answer to said problem and execute the solution, allowing for normal banter and Tilly’s hyper-speak of course. Science fiction shows sometimes feel the need to explain EVERY little detail and Discovery fell into that trap this week.

The search for Spock continues (see what I did there?) and although that is now getting a bit tedious it did allow for Georgiou to grab some screen time and give us some more info on the ominous Section 31. With Michelle Yeoh set to take Georgiou to the Section 31 spinoff show it will be interesting to see just how much info we actually do get. We also need some more Michael/Georgiou faceoffs as these two just have too much going on between them, both from the past and possible future, to let that storyline slide.

As for Spock…well, he is still MIA on the show and even Admiral Cornwell shows up to talk about how everyone in Section 31 and Discovery should put their suspicions and questions aside and work together. This is a lame little speech, especially coming from an Admiral who is hitching a ride on the very high tech Section 31 ship. Pike has real concerns about Leland, his old friend now mixed up with this mysterious bunch, and whose lack of accountability and shallow the ends-justify-the-means way of absolving them of almost everything just doesn’t sit right with him.

Once again this week, the writers stuff a handful of storylines into one episode, too much for my liking, but the show itself still feels like it lacks a clear direction. The Red Angel/Spock mystery is still the main thrust to the season but it feels like they are trying to do too much over and above that, like they are afraid the end to that story won’t satisfy the fans.

Also, having Tyler now part of Section 31 was an obvious way to get he and Burnham chatting again but I wish they would let this part of the story die. Everyone is trying too hard to make this work and it never felt right to begin with. That being said, who’s idea was it to not only let him on the bridge but to come strolling to his station with Stamets in the middle of a speech. I mean, hasn’t Stamets been through enough already? Maybe that’s part of the hidden story here, how everyone has been through their fair share of tragedy and how everyone must band together and keep moving forward.

In the end, ‘Saints of Imperfection’ was a mix of more good Trek, more good human stories but put together in a way that still has the show searching for its identity this season. It’s been a fun ride so far but it can be so much better.

Three and a half stars out of five