Score Big on Indie Gaming

Score Big on Indie Gaming

March 18, 2014 0 By EVA

Looking for some new games to play on your PC? This new indie bundle sale may help you find your new favorite!

Sometimes sifting through indie games can be tedious. How much do you really want to spend on games you really have no insight about? People dump a lot of time trying games out and dropping money into indie games they are just not sure they will like. Bundle Stars is offering a bundle pack of 6 games for one incredibly low price. Now I know you’re asking “how much and what type of games?” At this price, it’s worth a shot, and you get to support the independent makers in the industry when you do so. This bundle seems almost like a steal and too good to be true. My only recommendation is to jump on this while you can.

Still not sure? Here’s a rundown for you.

March 18th, 2014 – An exciting and edgy new bundle launch from Bundle Stars ( shaves a crazy 95% off the cost of six amazing indie games. For the first 48 hours only, gamers can grab The Underground Bundle for just $1.99.

After redeeming their bundle keys on Steam (a free user account is required), Windows, Mac and Linux users can download the games and start enjoying instant access.

Get ready to embark on thrilling quests through eerie caverns (Knytt Underground), abandoned puzzle-filled monuments (Kairo), pirate-infested Caribbean seas (Captain Morgane and the Golden Turtle), zombie-infested islands (Holy Avatar vs Maidens of the Dead), robot-led rebellions (Bionic Dues) and honey badgers in space (Gravity Badgers)!

All the games in this bundle run on Windows. Four games; Knytt Underground, Kairo, Gravity Badgers and Bionic Dues also run on Mac and Linux, and include Steam Trading Cards.

The Underground Bundle from Bundle Stars gives the lion’s share of proceeds to indie developers, helping them to keep on producing vibrant and innovative games.

Gamers looking to sample six of the best indie games around can grab The Underground Bundle for a limited time only from

Now that you have all the details, I’m sure you’ll be jumping on this exciting offer like I will. Time to put the comics down for a bit and jump back into some gaming!

Chat soon fellow geeks, and stay Elite!